jeff stelling; stellar performance


Yesterday I checked in online to Sky’s Soccer Saturday programme, hosted by the incomparable Jeff Stelling. It’s ages since I’ve watched it but yesterday was one of those climactic days in the season when all the final promotion, play-off and relegation issues were settled in Divisions 1 and 2. And as the tension unfolds Stelling has to keep his eyes and ears focused on a myriad of matches and scores as he keeps the viewer updated on all the various permutations and likely scenarios. I can never forget his tour-de-force performance nearly 10 years years ago when Carlisle’s goalkeeper Jimmy Glass came up to score in the dying seconds to deliver last minute salvation in the club’s unlikely fight to stay in the League. Yesterday Carlisle were once again fighting to stave off relegation (from Div 1). I couldn’t resist watching to find out if Jeff’s edge had been dulled from hosting countless editions of Countdown or whether the rapier sharp reporting style was still there.

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