oh I like it when they respond

Regular readers will know that from time to time I’ll write something complimentary about people in the media spotlight. And sometimes I might write something which is a little less flattering about celebrity A or politician B or desperate wannabee/has been C (surely not, I hear you cry). And just occasionally the targets of my acidic little critiques will stumble across my posting as they Google their name, no doubt in the vain search for public adoration. And a few are confident enough to come back and give as much as they get via the comments box. I love that.

Tonight I had a most unexpected and utterly delightful response from one of those found in my writing cross-hairs. But more of that in a moment folks. First off some of the people who have never responded to my comments – be they cute or cutting:

–  Sir Cliff Richard. Many, many rants but SC maintains a dignified silence. However his army of female admirers and apologists comment in their droves every time I suggest he’s a little preeny and a teeny bit queeny. It’s no concern of mine of course, I just find him unbearably self-absorbed.

–   Alan Green. It’s shocking and disgraceful. And that’s how he describes every  football scene he comments on. You’d think he could at least give my postings equal billing.

–  Yorkshire folk. I take great delight in poking harmless jibes at the fine folks from Featherstone an’ all (it’s a cross-Pennine thing) but nerbody ever responds. They must ‘ave nowt to showt abowt. No dowt.

–   Kerry Katona. What exactly does she do and why do TV companies continue to track her pointless life, shambolic marriage and charming husband? She never responds though to be fair to her. Then again maybe she struggles with putting those things together, oh what are they called, oh yeh…complete sentences.

–  Led Zeppelin and Barack Obama. Jeez I’m fed up writing about how inspired I was by them and what do I get in return? ZerO. Thanks guys. What you’re too busy to comment on the Pasta Paulie blogsite? Oh OK.

So what about the guys who have responded? Well we’ve had some belters:

–  the first big guy to respond was Mr Potato Head himself (under his online pseudonym QWERTY o8) when I wrote a piece about those twin pillars of radio wisdom Russell Brand and Chris Moyles. The Chubby one was most put out and even called me a ‘prick’ for ignoring his 8m audience. Ooh we touched a nerve there. Check out the posting ‘Russell the muscle and the Moyles’ of 5 June 2007,

–  then we had a very interesting and considered response from tv’s Jules Hudson to my posting ‘Deja Vu Viewing’ on 4 September 2007 which also drew some strong comments from his former close friend Lizzy Falconer. Check it out; it’s brutal stuff. Again any comments from me on Jules tend to draw a mass of defensive responses from his army of admiring female fans. But good on JH for coming forward.

–  and recently I did a posting  entitled ‘Amusing Names’ on 27 March where I poked fun at peoples’ unusual christian or surnames. With the typical grace of a dull northern bloke I highlighted the case of Seecum, a young girl who had appeared on some daytime quiz show. Her name had amused me in a Carry On Gameshow kind of way and I couldn’t resist making lewd comments at her expense. Well Seecum has only just located the posting and I’d like to direct you to her own comments in response to my efforts. It’s nice to know that there are young people out there who are full of grace, still.

Don’t change a thing S!


3 thoughts on “oh I like it when they respond

  1. as a postscript to this posting, i’ve also received a response from hayley, seecum’s fellow contestant on the tv quiz show, lambasting me for dismissing her name, poking fun at her friend’s name and for my rather lame and childish attempt at humour.

    it’s a fair cop.

  2. your ‘lame and childish attempt at humour’ is totally funny and totally true – and its absolutely hilarious that hayley blasted you for speakingg the truth haha – thats the funniest part!!! Good on you :0D

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