the september sack race

Well it’s not quite the season for  mists and mellow fruitfulness just yet but it’s definitely the time when misses (by strikers) and shallow ruthlessness (by club chairmen) strike fear in the hearts of Premiership managers. Yes the football season is only a few games old but the knives are already being sharpenned as chairmen’s sphincters start to squeak. Who’s going to be  winner of the annual race to be first manager to walk down the road clutching his P45 and £multi-million pay-off?

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much cassidy

Now those who know me well are well aware that my body shape isn’t as honed and cut as it was in my teens. Sadly that was more more than  40 years ago and time and the occasional glass of wine has added the odd inch to the waistline. Seven might be the appropriate uneven number. So I’m the last person fit to comment on somebody carrying a layer or two of surplus ‘energy’ reserves. But I feel unabashed about commenting when folks who should know better, dress in a way which not only fails to accentuate their better features but majestically succeeds, albeit unintentionally, in showcasing their chunky bits. Please step forward Miss Natalie Cassidy.

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tv heroes and zeroes

It’s amazing the power that TV has to delight and infuriate in equal measure, and I’m not talking about the co-scheduling of X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing (though how a knackered old mule like Bruce Forsyth hasn’t been shot by now I’ll never know). But a few other things have caught my tv eye recently.

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not quite what it says on the tin

Brent_Cross roundel

Some days things just don’t go according to plan; I had one of those last Saturday. I’d taken my Apple macbook out to Italy and connected it up with a mobile broadband connection which worked really well. However for some reason I lost the ability to open certain attachments and draft things in Word. I thought it was just a quirk of being abroad and would correct itself when we got back. But it didn’t. My son-in-law wasn’t able to resolve it so I decided to take the laptop to one of the Genius bars that they have within Apple’s stores. A friend had told me they were excellent help facilities and could cure most problems on any Apple product – mostly without charge.  It sounded just the thing.

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hey it’s september

Well hello again blogsite – it’s been quite a while since my last posting. We had a great (if busy) time back in our lovely home in Italy. We left there when the temperature was 38℃. And here we are back in the UK and it’s deep autumn. Sigh. 

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