The Who? Factor

Well we now know the last 3 finalists on the X Factor as Danyl became the last of the also-rans to leave the show last night. I wasn’t unhappy to see him go because a) only a pretentious prat would put up with spelling his name like that, b) he reminds me of that other dufus Darius who appeared on one of these reality talent shows and who was equally obsessed with his own talent c) I can’t stand it when a simple lyric like the word ‘love’ is stretched out to over 6 undulating notes and Danyl was a serial offender of that horrible Mariah Carey style of warbling. But I digress. This posting’s not about him nor about the X Factor. Instead I came across the winners of another tv reality talent show this morning; they are Beardsmith (honestly) who won GMTV’s recent competition to find Britain’s No 1 (musical) Family. Never heard of it/them? Well it’s a contest only open to family members and I have to tell you that the talent on display makes the X Factor auditionees seem like The 3 Tenors. I was thinking what a waste of valuable TV time but then again GMTV give Lorraine Kelly an hour’s airtime each morning so….

Now today’s the day that the Beardsmiths’ debut album is released as part of the prize of a recording contract with Universal music. The music’s about as interesting as Sir Cliff’s Xmas specials and I’m sure they’ll have some mild success but I wouldn’t say they are the most polished act stylistically. Clearly GMTV’s deal with the record company and the supporting marketing budget is not as grand as Simon Cowell can offer. The band are led by dad Neil who looks at least 60 with grey grizzly hair tied up in a pony tail and omnipresent dark glasses. There are 3 grown up boys; one looks like a farmer’s lad, one a geek and one has very long hair pushed behind his ears which only serves to showcase how sticky-outy his ears are. There’s a young girl and a cheeky-faced little 12 year-old drummer who could turn into something methinks. They all live up north on this farm with mum who breeds cats. The kids were all home-schooled and based on this extract from their web-site this morning, I’d guess mum and dad may be great hippies but less than excellent teachers:

We where (sic) interviewed on the Loraine (sic) Kelly show this morning and received a makeover for the movie premiere we where (sic) attending.

I really can’t imagine why they might need a makeover.  Anyway take a look at the vid below of the moment they won the competition. Production-wise it’s staggeringly close to the brilliantly thrilling X Factor format….. I’m joking right but imagine the look on your loved one’s face if you treated her/him to Beardsmith’s album as a surprise Xmas pressie. Unbridled joy. Enjoy!

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