john terry’s secret’s out

So the captain of the England team has been banging his team mate and great friend Wayne Bridge’s partner. What a class act eh. I wrote back on 26 March 2008 (Cap’n Rio posting) that I thought John Terry would make a lousy choice for the captaincy because of his boorish personality. Since being appointed the dutiful husband and proud father of two youngsters has been witnessed drunkenly urinating on a nightclub floor, been accused of accepting cash incentives to take fans around Chelsea’s private training facilities, been embarrassed to ‘discover’ that his agent was hawking his England captaincy credentials around the internet in the search for more personal sponsors, seen his mother accused of shoplifting and father accused of cocaine dealing. Now it seems that he’s lost the respect of his club team mates and all the key England squad members for breaking the last of the moral codes of the professional footballer; and let’s face it its not exactly the world’s longest book is it? It saddens me to think that a near-neanderthal is ‘gracing’ the post once held with such pride and class by the inimitable Booby Moore. Surely the time has come for the FA and manager Capello to remove Terry from the captaincy if not the team. Let me know what you think.



go girl

Picture the scene; a West end musical attended by 950 women, 12 gay guys and me. All about a blonde bimbo who wants to make it at Harvard Law School. Nope not my usual choice for an entertaining afternoon. But this was my wife’s and eldest grandson S’s birthday weekend. Saturday saw us have a huge family meal (sadly minus S who was with his daddy ) at a fantastic Italian restaurant in nearby St Margaret’s called Brocca. Trust me it’s as good as anything we found in Italy. So family-oriented and great food. On the Sunday it was just C and I and a trip to see newly-opened Legally Blonde at the lovely art deco Savoy Theatre. My surprise gift. A frantic journey to get there but we made it literally as the curtain went up. Was it worth it?

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song lyrics

Are you one of those people, like me, who believes that great lyric writing died with the end of  the Beatles? To be honest McCartney had a tendency to come up with your moon, June and croon stuff when penning solo but together with Lennon they came up with some of the most intriguing lyrics and phrases. Who else would have come up with song titles and subjects as unusual and left field as I am the Walrus, Eleanor Rigby, Norwegian Wood, Strawberry Fields Forever, Hard Days Night, Paperback Writer, Yellow Submarine, Taxman, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and many more?

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humble (ish)

Not a word that most folks in the know would associate with me I suspect. Overly-assertive, opinionated and critical are just three of my wife’s favourite descriptors. And she loves me, so you can imagine my detractors’ personal descriptions. But today this sad little grumpy old man’s rant site achieved another milestone – its 150,000th visitor. How many?  Just the ….

You can see why humble is not a word which naturally attracts itself to my description. But then again I am a bloody appreciative blogger –  or blagger for short.

And I’m pretty sure  this amazing total’s not down to my wife’s visits, who thinks I’m bloody boring and full of waffle. At least that’s what I pretend to think she said. Ah well I guess C gets the rambling verbal version of most of this stuff before you guys get the oh-so-crisp edited editions. Anyway I’m very grateful to all the readers who come by and simply look and read,  and especially grateful to those who actually comment on the postings – particularly those members of my extended family who seem to be my most assertive, opinionated and critical commentators. I wonder if there’s something in the blood-line?

Thank you one and all – I’m grateful for every single visit. Truly.

Do you want to know which postings have driven the most visits since I started this blog? Thought not but here they are anyway:

Home page 19,737 More stats
pretty woman 3,895 More stats
Ants! 3,513 More stats
syrups, it’s a pity! 2,775 More stats
dress sense…or not 1,665 More stats
great grass, man 1,661 More stats
effortlessly cool 1,610 More stats
palazzo ricci 1,563 More stats
just jules 1,431 More stats
it’s the little things that are so annoy 1,135 More stats
incomprehensible lyrics 1,006 More stats

Would you have figured that?  Nor me. Though it does suggest a lot of people check out the home page and decide to go no further. Oh come on folks; it’s only some opinion. I don’t really bite.

Anyway I seem to be full of the writing muse (not quite C’s words) at the moment so please keep checking in and I’ll try and write something worthy of your effort and interest. And if not it’ll be the same old, same old rants and ravings and ….rubbish.

Thanks a 6.7th of a million folks



The man who wrote the words for the great communicator was answering questions before the Iraq Inquiry yesterday and gave nothing away. Well Alistair Campbell did reveal that PM Tony Blair had written to President Bush before the invasion of Iraq to pledge his country’s support, militarily and diplomatically, to ensure the removal of Saddam Hussein. Well talk about a shock revelation. Who’da thunk it? How surprising that the former Director of Communications to the PM’s office was able to answer questions for hours on end without saying anything which could be regarded as even remotely incriminating. What were they expecting – that Campbell would speak with complete honesty and openness? What is it about politicians and their advisers that prevents them from every answering a question directly?

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let’s dance

As Duncan Thicket might say, have you nerticed how many programmes there are on prime-time TV about dancing? The schedules have gone absolutely dance crazy. The daddy of them all, Strictly Come Dancing, has spawned many bastard children; ITV’s Dancing on Ice,  So You Think You Can Dance also from the BBC (featuring as a judge the heavily re-treaded Arlene Philipps), Sky’s Got to Dance fronted by a leotarded Davina McCall and Channel 4’s Only When I Dance. Channel 5 must feel like they’re missing out on a huge wave of popular culture and as we speak are probably holding commissioning meetings through the night to try and decide what their ‘innovative and different’ dance formula will be.

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boss-eyed girls

Now I think you know that I really like women – and there are very very few I don’t like and only one I ever detested, Her Royal Lowness Princ(iplel)ess Margaret  – see posting on Unlikeable Lassies, 15 October 2007. But I’ve noticed that an increasing number of the most photographed ladies around are just a little bit boss-eyed. They are all physically attractive alluring women but is it just me who’s noticed this little feature? Maybe it’s because I’m eye-sensitive at the moment.  But next time you’re watching the front cover of Vogue, or Dancing on Ice/This Morning or Coronation St or Holby City check out these leading ladies. The eyes have it…

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