go girl

Picture the scene; a West end musical attended by 950 women, 12 gay guys and me. All about a blonde bimbo who wants to make it at Harvard Law School. Nope not my usual choice for an entertaining afternoon. But this was my wife’s and eldest grandson S’s birthday weekend. Saturday saw us have a huge family meal (sadly minus S who was with his daddy ) at a fantastic Italian restaurant in nearby St Margaret’s called Brocca. Trust me it’s as good as anything we found in Italy. So family-oriented and great food. On the Sunday it was just C and I and a trip to see newly-opened Legally Blonde at the lovely art deco Savoy Theatre. My surprise gift. A frantic journey to get there but we made it literally as the curtain went up. Was it worth it?

OMG yah! It’s a hopelessly ridiculously girly story line (you’ve surely seen the film) and it involves cute (grimace) pooches and Duncan from Blue (lightweight) but I have to admit it’s just the best fun. Sheridan Smith who plays the lead role as Elle Woods is simply sensational. This is the little Essex girl who plays Smithy’s sister in Gavin and Stacey but in this she is a tiny tour de force. Funny and sexy and I’m not joking. She’s supported by great performances from Jill Halfpenny (I know) as her hairdresser confidante, a brilliantly funny cameo from Chris Ellis-Stanton as hunky UPS guy and a surprisingly arch performance from Peter Davison as a grizzly law professor.  There’s a great mid-way song about whether a guy is gay or European – something Americans believe is virtually the same thing – which is probably the best bit of musical theatre but trust me fellas, treat your wife/girlfriend to the best life tonic around and you won’t be disappointed. There’s a lot of girl humour (in fact it’s 88% women’s stuff; the balance gay)  but you’ll be on your feet cheering at the end like a Delta Nu cheerleader. Well I was.

If you’ve seen it let me know what you think. If you haven’t; don’t pass judgement till you’ve been there.

Here’s hoping I’m not turning all theatrical.



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