john terry’s secret’s out

So the captain of the England team has been banging his team mate and great friend Wayne Bridge’s partner. What a class act eh. I wrote back on 26 March 2008 (Cap’n Rio posting) that I thought John Terry would make a lousy choice for the captaincy because of his boorish personality. Since being appointed the dutiful husband and proud father of two youngsters has been witnessed drunkenly urinating on a nightclub floor, been accused of accepting cash incentives to take fans around Chelsea’s private training facilities, been embarrassed to ‘discover’ that his agent was hawking his England captaincy credentials around the internet in the search for more personal sponsors, seen his mother accused of shoplifting and father accused of cocaine dealing. Now it seems that he’s lost the respect of his club team mates and all the key England squad members for breaking the last of the moral codes of the professional footballer; and let’s face it its not exactly the world’s longest book is it? It saddens me to think that a near-neanderthal is ‘gracing’ the post once held with such pride and class by the inimitable Booby Moore. Surely the time has come for the FA and manager Capello to remove Terry from the captaincy if not the team. Let me know what you think.



9 thoughts on “john terry’s secret’s out

  1. Hi P,
    Great minds think alike!

    I seem to remember when the decision for England captaincy was being made, the names alongside John Terry in the hat were Rio Ferdinand and Stephen Gerrard. Both a little handy with their fists (one caught nicely on cctv in a bar in Southport). One finding turning up for a drugs test a little taxing. Hardly England captain material.

    Once Terry gets the boot, for me the only man for the job is Wayne Rooney.

  2. Hi Hel

    You may be right though I’d hope they would resist the temptation to overload Rooney with even more responsibility. He’s probably just about striking the right balance currently.

    So who would get the captaincy? I think Rio’s matured but is he guaranteed his place now and in the future? Gerrard lacks something to me. Could it be that Lampard gets it as best of the rest johnny on the spot? Blimey


  3. ps just another thought about this whole affair; not one of the ex-footballers cum useless radio/tv pundits i’ve listened to over the last two days has had the decency within them to admit that Terry’s conduct makes him unfit to be the England captain.

    It’s like an adolescent boy’s club. Alan Shearer on Match of the Day profoundly opined that it’s down to Capello to make the decision. Yes we know that Alan but the question was what would you do? He burbled on about not being in full possession of the facts and that he really didn’t know what Terry was like. Excuse me? You’ve lived your life as an English Premiership footballer (one of the smallest most elite clubs in the world) and continue to earn a living in the sport as a commentator and occasional manager and I imagine the only people you come across are those connected with the sport in someway. And you don’t share tittle-tattle about what’s going on? You are appointed by the BBC to add insight as a recent player and somehow we are expected to believe you don’t know about Terry’s alleged serial womanising, drunken boorishness, cashing in on his status as England captain, the fact that he has to have the flashiest car, the biggest watch, the biggest pool and the largest house because he’s all cash and no class. None of this is known to you and yet I live half my life 1000 miles away in a rural backwater and still I get the news about Terry’s charming lifestyle.

    Get off the pot Shearer for once.

    And this morning I listened to the pundit who makes Bobby Gould sound like Brian Sewell – Ray Parlour, a man who talks like a dim-witted Jonathan Ross on helium. But it’s not so much the way he talks which is so annoying but what he says. He just trots out a string of football cliches in the belief that this is considered thought. He finks that we’re being too cwiticaw of JT and that we should see how fings develop because it’s a funny old game and he’s just a young fella wiv wots of money who scawed a gweat goaw yestaday and he deserves our suppawt as the Engwand captain just like his cwub Chewsea are giving him wight now.

    I could go on. The point Ray, as Mandy Rice Davies once said, is that well, they would do wouldn’t they? He may be a nasty bit of work but he remains a prize asset who they are paying the trifling sum of £150,000 per week to perform for them. Even Roman would blanche at telling the guy to stay at home as he’s brought discredit to the club whilst still paying those wages. That’s why they are sticking by him. It’s not because they think he’s a fine upstanding pillar of society you numpty.

    Why oh why can’t we listen to some intelligent honest comments for once on football instead of this inane matey drivel that passes for insight?


  4. Good posting P with excellent insight as usual.
    Just another thought on this… trying not to sound like an ardent feminist but I find it a little baffling that the media’s main slant in reporting this story has been from the male perspective ie. how it affects Wayne Bridge, loyalty to a club mate etc. Even Tevez et al were seen sporting ‘Team Bridge’ shirts following Sunday’s match. John Terry has a long history of various indiscretions and alleged incidents in nightclubs. There didn’t seem to be much in the way of all out support for Team Toni and the twins on these occasions from his team mates. I’d imagine there was quite a lot of back slapping and a elevation of his reputation as a bit of a player.

  5. Capello’s just phoned Wayne Bridge up & said ” I’ve just spoken with John Terry and he’s lost the captain’s arm band – do me a favour & have a good luck under your bed for me”

  6. Hi Hel

    Good point. But I think if you’re a WAG then the feeling seems to be that unsympathetic reactions and reporting kinda comes with the territory. It hardly helped that Toni (with an I) took herself off to Dubai to ‘find herself’ after letting the paparazzi know where she could be photographed of course.

    But the kids are the innocents in all this of course as you say.

    I heard the most appalling defence of Terry on the radio yesterday by Jason Cundy – which as an ex Chelsea player and someone who is still on the pay-roll at the club as a youth coach, came as a huge surprise. He was arguing that all that matters is Terry’s performance on the pitch and everything off it is personal and non-relevant. Ah. So what if Terry was found to be a collector of child porn or was a keen fan of dogging or slapped his wife around a bit or was a regular marijuana smoker? That’s all ok is it and has no bearing on his role as the England captain provided that he scores the winning goal at Wigan? Of course it isn’t.

    That’s why I despair of football programmes on tv and radio constantly using ex-footballers for their punditry.They can’t detach themselves from the boy’s club mentality. They simply have no sense of balance in their opinions and because they’ve been morally corrupted by earning vast amounts of money with no sense of responsibility, they struggle to comes to terms with concepts like integrity and dignity.

    Hell I don’t think footballers should be saints, we are all flawed after all. But it would be welcome to hear just one of them say something like the role of England captaincy brings with it a sense of responsibility not just to his team mates but more importantly to millions of young fans who look up to him as a team leader role-model. Sadly John Terry has shown through his many indiscretions off the pitch that he is not fit for the role and should do the only decent thing he has done in years by resigning the post.

    Then I’d have some respect.

    I’ll get off my high horse now….

  7. Apparently Wayne Bridge is refusing to play for England whilst John Terry remains captain.

    Let’s hope JT sleeps with Emile Heskey’s missus before the summer…

  8. yeh yeh alright russ, time for me to lighten up.

    But I hear that Terry’s advisors were saying today that he wasn’t for giving up the captaincy. Then after taking soundings he apparently wanted to make it clear that he hadn’t taken a view either way. He’s just scoring own goals isn’t he?

    Why doesn’t he just take the heat out of the situation by saying he’s sorry for any embarrassment caused to the FA, the manager and sponsors and any disappointment to the fans and team mates and resign immediately? Now he’s putting his manager under pressure by forcing him to make a decision. Who the hell is advising the guy?

    err.. I seem to have climbed back onto that horse. I’m off it now and will concentrate on drinking 2 or 3 glasses of wine more than I should, using very uncomfortable language and hogging the zapper. JT eat your heart out


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