medical update

Well I went for the consultant’s examination on my possible narrow angle glaucoma problem and the outcome was…..all positive. Woo hoo. I don’t have to have my eyeball popped out and cut into with a scalpel. On the down-side I do have to be nice to people and little animals now and it’s also just cost me £500 for two pairs of new glasses; one for near stuff and a pair now for driving and long distance viewing. Ah well at least I can see properly again and I’ve avoided the worst operation imaginable (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean).

Regular readers may be alarmed to learn that I have chosen a very simple pair in very dull grey for the driving glasses. Happily my Timmy Mallett tendencies have been nurtured with my choice of reading glasses which are a solid shiny black on the outside but a lurid green on the inside. A bit like our Italian scorpions when you squash them. I’m very happy. And just to make it a good week health-wise I completed my dental procedures without the need for the dreaded root canal treatment. My X-rays on that came back OK too. And to make things seem a little more satisfying my dentist told me he’s just been scheduled in for a bit of root canal treatment himself. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, especially a good mate like Pete, but there’s just something pleasurable in knowing that the guy who’s putting you through the discomfort ringer has to experience a bit of it himself. Dental schadenfreude – a new form of joy from the fat pasta boy.



2 thoughts on “medical update

  1. Hi PP

    I salute your new found healthy status….. needless to say we are long overdue a tosic overload in the liver and kidney region! Will be in touch

    Top man!


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