loco logo

Have you ever looked at the Google logo? I don’t mean those goofy Google Doodles that they upload on high days and holidays (mostly designed by Google staffer Denis Hwang don’cha know)  but the real McCoy logo shown below:

The typeface, Catull, is fairly traditional but there’s something slightly odd about it, don’t you think? I get the use of primary colours for stand-out but the order is irregular and there in the middle sits the single use of the secondary green on the ‘l’. If you were going to add a contrast feature I think I would have used it on the lower case ‘g’ as it’s the natural hero letter – the most dramatic shape and the one they most play around with on the Doodles and also the one used for the favicon – the little icon on the browser bar:

It just doesn’t seem to me to be totally thought through to be honest – a bit home-made, like the Doodles. Surely the mighty Google wouldn’t settle for amateur-hour graphics would they? Nah. It’s all very cleverly designed according to the logo’s creator Ruth Kedar, to reflect the fact that Google thinks differently. It’s a physical manifestation of the company’s philosophy. Ah well they you go. I still think it looks like something produced in play school but what do know? I do however quite like the Doodle old Dennis produced below with his vision of what Blackpool Tower must look like. Hang on a minute that looks a little like the design of my Pasta Paulie masthead. Bloody cheek!

Any corporate logos that you think are totally crap/brilliant just let me know! And if you think I spend too much time worrying about this sort of thing, you may be right.


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