adios los blancos

Hee hee hee …oh deep joy. Real Madrid only went out of the Champions League in the first knock out stage for the 6th year in succession against ‘mighty’ Lyon last night whilst Man Utd, with Wayne Rooney in imperious form, were thrashing AC Milan to reach the QFs in supreme style.

Ah what a sense of glee spread through me at the final whistles knowing that Real’s President Perez’s grand plan to acquire a new set of galacticos over the summer, at a staggering cost of almost a quarter of a £Billion, has failed at the first hurdle. Do you remember those circus parades of the newly-acquired signings Kaka, Benzema, Alonso and the biggest capture of all, the ingrate Cristiano Ronaldo. Well it all went tits up as an unknown Lyon forward hit the Pjanic button to send Real crashing out.

And the schadenfreude doesn’t end there because in a couple of months time Senor Perez as Host President will have to sit in full glare of the world’s tv cameras in the best seat at the Bernabeu watching two other sides play out the Champions’ League final at his club’s fabulous stadium. Wouldn’t it be fun to think that the two sides might be Man Utd v Barcelona? It could happen. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.



4 thoughts on “adios los blancos

  1. Hi P,
    Ronaldo’s face was a picture wasn’t it? Makes you wonder whether the underwear/boots/personal grooming mega-sponsorship deals are all worth it especially as he couldn’t wait to get out out of United for Madrid. Real don’t even look like making a credible challenge on Barca, let alone winning the Champions League for the next few years at least. Great result for Lyon though.
    And as for AC Milan… how poor were they? or maybe how good were United? They were run off the pitch and were outclassed in every position. United v Barca is looking like the dream final but I wouldn’t mind having the Gooners getting to the final. Nice football from them the other night and Nasri’s goal was a peach.
    H xx

  2. Hi Hel

    I don’t quite know how it’s happened but two months ago, there was a lot of comment about Wenger having lost it and Arsenal struggling to hold on to a top 4 finish in the Prem’p. Now they’re sniping at both Man U and Chelsea’s heels in the League and looking like a real force in Europe. Bendtner’s even scoring hat-tricks. Lawdy lawd.

    It makes for a great run-in to both competitions. Man U (WR) are so hot; Chelsea are bloody dogged and won’t be rolled over and the Gooners have hit a patch a form that’s irresistible. If they can get their big players back they’re going to be formidable. But I’m still seeing Utd as Prem winners and who knows in the Champs League? It is the hardest Cup competition to win and usually the best team wins.

    All we do know for sure is that senors Perez, Ronaldo, Kaka, Alonso and Benzema won’t be lifting the trophy this year. Such a shame eh Hel?


  3. Arshavin and Fabregas have been the difference for the Gooners since season. Outstanding players. I’m impressed with Arsenal because they lost Van Perise so early on and didn’t have an out-and-out striker, but had to rely on dufus Bendtner. Will be a great achievement if they get either the prem or champs but can’t see it somehow although they have a great run in.
    United to win both for me providing Rooney stays fit and healthy. I have this awful feeling that because he gives it 100% in every tackle, he’ll crock himself. I watch each match through clenched fingers especially as I’ve a fair wedge on England lifting the World Cup.

    As for Real – no tears for them. Looks like they’ll be shopping again in the next window.. Gerrard and Torres mentioned. I’d imagine Stevie’ll be tempted.

  4. Hi Hel

    Gerrard to Real? Can’t see it myself. The lad is barely intelligible in English so he’ll be impenetrable in scouse Spanglish… ‘Eh dare la’, put the balon on me ‘ead – soz cabeza – like’. Then again it could be fun. As for Torres, it’d be Barca or, dare I believe it, Man U. Which probably means Sheik Megabucks will sign him up for Citteh.

    Anyway it’s shaping up to a great end of season. Rooney to stay unharmed? A nation holds its breath eh.
    ciao h


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