I love great tv ads

The problem is I haven’t seen any lately. I wrote recently about the incessant and annoying gocompare ads and the cynicism of the Louise and Jamie Redknapp ad for Thomas Cook holidays (like they would ever be seen on one). Now another cluster of intelligence-insulting adverts has come along. Firstly the latest in a long line of new creative treatments for Halifax Bank which is their current attempt, I think, to show actual bank workers promoting the company’s products and services. But instead of  picking on an unlikely hero figure in the style of Howard ‘owl-glasses’ Brown (what’s he doing now?), they’ve gone for what appears to be a staff-run Halifax Bank radio station. I know it sounds ridiculous (who would ever listen to it?) but I think that’s the idea because in all honesty it’s a tad mystifying to know exactly what’s going on.

There are a number of ads in the series – I’ve captured 3 of them below – and they are all simply dreadful. Watching the girl and the guy DJs in the one about the ISAs makes me very uncomfortable for some reason; it feels a little like walking in on your nerdy neighbours getting it on in the jacuzzi. Hurghhhhh. 2 out of 10 for the lot of them…

Have you ever seen anything as hammy? I’d forgive them if they were real staff trying to act but something tells me they are all actors cheesily trying to portray actual staff acting badly. I may be wrong but isn’t that horn player the salesman in the VW ad? :-


Next up the ads for creditexpert.co.uk. These are just a little surreal and it looks like another agency has succeeded in suckering their client into going for some weird and quirky ads that are bound to become cult viewing. They might well become that of course but to me it’s yet one more example of some marketeers trying a little too hard to be award-winning. I’ve also no idea really what the service is that the company offers that warrants signing up for a monthly subscription. As the bearded one asks, ‘Do you like it?’…Er yeh by a massive 3 out of 10.

Any ads that drive you nuts or stun you with their brilliance – let me know. I’ll blow that horn if you do….ooh matron.


6 thoughts on “I love great tv ads

  1. Hi P

    I noticed a great ad recently which still makes me watch every time it comes on. I’m not sure if the concept has been done before, but the execution is excellent.

    It’s for the new Sony Internet TV invloving the kids having a kick around but on the big stage.

    I love the attention to detail in the emotions of the kids when they get fouled, miss a sitter or a team mate loses the ball. And the emotions of the fans etc makes it feel as though it’s an actual game.

    The humour of a kid completely mising the ball and ending up on his arse is subtle, yet brilliant. And the kid that gestures when the yellow card is issued is almost too realistic!

    With a World Cup coming up, this is a perfect ad in my opinion.

    A definite 10/10 for me…

  2. Hi Russ

    yep a really nice ad. I liked the sliding tackle from the kid with long hair – almost outlawed now in the effete Premiership.

    it also makes a change to see a world cup ad which doesn’t feature african tribesmen dancing with an imaginary ball at their feet. even if i’ve fallen out of love with their products SONY still know how to craft a great ad.

    just one tiny criticism – what’s an internet tv when it’s at home?


  3. hi r
    maybe we should suggest other desirable products to SONY that link two technologies like a radio kettle or food blender lamp or watch mp3 player or remote control dildo kind of thing.

  4. How about an internet mobile phone-camera-organiser-email-radio-sat nav-media player device?

    Oh wait, Apple have beaten us to it…


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