Well hi there folks. We’re over here in Italy. C was here over last week-end and flew back Monday which makes me blue but R keeps me full of spirits. We’re working like bloody Trojans here as we try to get our place ready for letting it out this summer for the first time. Huge amounts of interest on the web-site –  if anybody’s interested please contact http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/italy/IT4089.htm to learn more and hopefully be inspired to come out here. Hey, we need to be in London for the next couple of months at least so why not take advantage of our lovely home?

But, whilst I’m loving the weather/food/wine/sunsets etc,  being here  right now is not without its losses, other than C. Firstly I’m really quite devastated to miss Jeff Stelling’s final two weeks of the  season on Sky’s Soccer Saturday. It is without question the most exciting sports summary on any medium. Bugger me I even missed Jeff announcing that my home town team of Blackpool FC had, against all odds, qualified for the play-offs for the bloody Premiership – you know the same Division which features Chelski, Arse-nil and the wonderful ManYoo. I have to say I felt for my very good and old mate Dave F who’s been a pal since we were 11 because although he’s a distant and die-hard fan of BFC like me, he’s also become a fan of Sheffield Wed FC having moved to the steel city donkey’s years ago. SWFC sadly got relegated whilst mis-managed Crystal Palace survived in the winner-takes-all match v SWFC last w/e. Sorry Dave.

I wasn’t surprised to see Liverpool FC  lose against Chelski – what a rubbish season they’ve had. I guess that all our hopes are on a surprise Wigan victory this coming w/e but even I, the eternal optimist, think that Gordon Brown’s got a better chance of retaining his Premiership than Wigan FC doing Russia FC.

And that’s the other thing I’m  missing; the final stages of the General Election, which i just love. Ordinarily I’d watch the live TV coverage through the night until the result was known. This time I’m going to miss the vote and the bulk of the coverage – they aren’t big on elections here as Silvio always wins.

I’m not going to give away my voting preference (assuming I was there of course – forgot to sort out my poxy proxy vote) but who but a devoted and mis-guided New-Lab blinded person could vote for Gordon Bennett Brown who’s had a disastrous campaign (and let’s face it Leadership)? Voting for Clegg who’s had a great televisual campaign seems to be the vogue vote but half the Lib-Dem policies are great whilst the remainder are, let’s face it, crack-pot. And voting for the Conservatives is like voting for nothing more than the political wing of the Treasury. But you sense that they might be the  ones to sort out our dire economic situation and to prevail after the ballot-box dust’s settled.

I’ll be watching from afar with great interest.

ciao amici


ps congrats to Spurs and Shay/Colin/John W at preventing Man Citteh from featuring in the Champs League and qualifying themselves!

pps they’re supposed to hate Mourinho out here – don’t believe it. Tonight he fu*ked over old adversary Ranieri winning the Italian Cup and will no doubt add the Scudetti and the Champs League for his 3rd triple crown as he announced modestly on tv tonight. Bugger me he’s an arrogant sod but if he was destined to be the manager of your side next season, would you really, really have an issue with that? I dislike him yet sooo respect him.   To be honest I think he’s great. There I said it. And I always said that Man Yoo should have signed Snijder (and/or Cahill) 2-3 years ago. Let me have your job please Alex before Jose nabs it!! 

2 thoughts on “missing…

  1. Great blog Paulie.
    Blackpool in the play-offs? It’s dreamland for the seasiders. Just one season, that’s all we ask for!
    I got MANY texts from my scouser mates gloating about the fact that they had prevented Utd from winning the prem. If I supported them, I’d be more concerned why Gerrard couldn’t do a killer pass like that more often to Torres throughout the season rather than to Drogba at the end of it.
    Spurs got the result they deserved and no-one will be cheering for them more when they play in Europe next season. Can you believe I still have my Spurs scarf from the 1979 season when we saw Ardiles make his home debut at WHL? Unfortunately, the words ‘Super Cocks’ are emblazoned on it, so I keep it in my drawer!
    As for Mourinho, would Utd have him? You bet we would. David Moyes is always option B but Jose would be fab. Arrogance and swagger back at United, wow what a prospect.
    As for the election – it looks like Cameron will win through more’s the pity but I’m hoping Cleggy takes a fair % of their vote.

    Ciao for now

  2. Hi Hel

    top comments as ever. closet spurs fan eh – my mate shay would be very loin-stirred to know that my sister had the willies for ardiles.

    gerrard pah – he’s off to new horizons methinks, like the sunny slopes of eastlands. at least it will be handy for the bars of southport.

    and jose? who wouldn’t want him – i mean seriously?

    and so it’s the end of gordo and maybe campo’s time has come. i’m not sure cleggy should hang out for too much of a deal. after all he lost seats overall and the tories would be the only ones capable of financing another election in the next 6 months.

    so campo wins one way or another i sense – bit like russia fc.


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