last night….first night

And so we are having our final night here in Italy. Boy we’ve been busy here trying to get the place readied for the first folks coming out in a few weeks time to lease the place. I’m not sure we’re going to have everything ready especially in the garden where we have lots of work still to do. But hey… And tonight I’ve been watching news of Brown’s departure and Cameron’s appointment as the new British Prime Minister after, seemingly, days of political haggling with the bloody Lib-Dems.

By all accounts it’s a full coalition which is what I expected. DC wasn’t going to let this opportunity to lead his country go so a few seats in the Cabinet and a referendum deal on a new voting process  were easy appeasements. I tell you what though. After hours of listening to the developments over the last couple of days via online radio and BBC World News, I was sick of hearing politicians of all sides saying that the electorate has decided that no single party deserved to have a mandate majority. What? I couldn’t vote  as my earlier message indicated but if I had done I certainly would have voted for the party that I wanted to win the election. The thought that the people had voted for a hung Parliament is quite preposterous. The people have spoken alright and it’s basically meant a quantity of floating voters moving from New Labour to the Conservatives.  And after days of faffing around DC is in – with the most forgettable acceptance speech ever. Even GB’s farewell address was more warm and emotional (blimey).

So Nick Clegg could be the next Deputy PM. Well after Precott anything’s an improvement, but less fun. Enjoy a Tory /LD Gov’t….uummm.



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