busy week-end ahead

Well we’re just off for a short visit to Italy to try and progress some more of the landscaping work etc in preparation for our first guests this summer. It’s going to be busy but will find some time to get a posting done I’m sure. Only worry is will I find a screen over there that’s going to show the England v USA match on Saturday night? Yikes. Not sure that my little dongle (ooh no mrs,titter ye not) will have the necessary bandwith to let me stream the match. Did I tell you that this week I only went and replaced the RAM facility on my laptop – which had gone into panic mode – with a 4Gb upgrade? I’m seriously not joking and it works beautifully. I’m still in a daze to be honest but no doubt cutting down half an acre of 4ft high grass over in Italy (yet again, sigh) will bring me to my senses. Just think in two days time I’ll be setting fire to 7 dead elephants at 5.30am again. Oh and our pool has thousands of frogs in it apparently. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Come on England!



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