ola malaga

I’m over the World Cup now. It seemed only fitting for Iniesta, Xavi and co to win the thing as Spaniards seem to be winning everything on  the sporting front these days. So we figured if you can’t beat ’em then let’s join them, as last weekend we jetted off to sunny Malaga to attend the super wedding of our daughters’ very good friends Austen and Panni. The guys have been friends since they were all at school together and Austen and his brother Devin were always round our house as teenagers. Even so it was extremely generous of A and P to invite all our family to their wedding.

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Cool pool

Well it’s been a few weeks since the last posting and the reason is that we’ve been incredibly busy making several flying visits to our place in Italy. We’ve been having some landscaping and building work done with us doing the labouring when possible. In the shot above you can probably make it the new retaining wall at pool-level which neatens things up enormously plus a new path way that we’ve almost finished  down to the pool with a logged retaining wall to hold that severe slope at bay. It’s also a big help in managing to keep the slope trimmed and tending to the olive trees. I’ve lost count of the number of times my ladder has slid down the hill with me atop it during olive-picking. Continue reading