football crazy

Well, it’s been a turbulent couple of  days in the football circus. It seems that thanks to BT I  can no longer  receive Soccer Am, Sky Sports News and, most critically,  Soccer Saturday  on my  regular digital channels. Oh thanks BT  – I don’t suppose you could have secured access rights for your bloody pensioners amidst your glee at capturing sign-up rights for Sky’s Sports channels. Nah.

And what about my home town team Blackpool? We all know they are the unlikely new entrants to the fabulous Premiership, but after weeks of frustrating negotiations the manager, Ian Holloway, stromped off back home yesterday because the Chairman wouldn’t let him sign a few of the players who might help keep them in the Premier League. It’ll all be resolved of course before season’s start but BFC’s ability to remain in the  Premiership is already compromised with the Chairman seemingly slooping the bulk of the £100m  of that Premiership ‘treasure’, sorry funding, into accounts helpful to the owners of BFC. By all accounts the manager won’t resign before season’s start but it could be a long season ahead for the Seasiders you sense.

But that’s not all that’s potty. Just suppose that nitwit-in-chief, the FA’s,  Sir Dave Richards, hadn’t removed  Capello’s termination clause  in his FA contract two weeks before the World Cup, then we would have a vacancy at the helm right now. Imagine the scenario with Roy Hodgson moving to the England manager’s position, Martin O’Neill moving to Liverpool, Mark Hughes moving to Aston Villa and the American team boss  moving to Fulham. Wouldn’t that be more balanced? Please tell me which of the current incumbents of these 4 key jobs is the right guy for the job.



3 thoughts on “football crazy

  1. Hi PP,
    Agree with the managerial suggestions. If the timing had been better these perhaps would have been the ideal placings. The American manager will probably take up the Villa job especially with American owners backing him. I think Martinez’s job is unsafe at Wigan and couldn’t imagine who’d take that – Phil Brown perhaps? Also don’t imagine Mancini will be at City by the end of the season. Wouldn’t mind seeing Hiddinck or Jol back in the Prem – or at a push Gus H in charge of England (although I have this girlie dream that Beckham will save us from woefulness). Anyone really would have to do a better job than F*ckwit Fabio. Well, maybe with the exception of Mick McCarthy or Gary Megson.
    Great start for Ollie and the ‘pool eh?
    H x

  2. hi hel

    just over in italy so sorry for delay in replying. as you say a grt start for the Pool but i caught the arsenal result and honeymoon seems over pretty quickly eh. What’s happening in the Prem – I read Newc put 6 past Villa and City storm Liverpool too. I’m missing some stuff alright!



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