reality tv; the public’s revenge

Now come on, why would you want to vote for a sorry old bloke who can’t sing and looks like a refugee from a hippy colony in a high-profile talent competition? Because I sense the public have had enough of the squabbling (amongst the judges!) and being milked by the likes of Simon Cowell and his blessed record/music business. And they are voting for Wagner at the expense of far better singers in the hope, I believe, that they can secure a very unlikely (and in Cowell’s case presumably highly unwelcome ) winner of the X Factor.  Do you think Simon and Syco Music will fancy their chances of a Xmas No1 next year with this Brazilian sherbert?

It’s also why we are  witnessing a huge public vote for Ann Widdecombe on Strictly even though she’s got absolutely no natural dancing ability and has to be heaved and humped around the ballroom by her partner like a bulging  sack of potatoes:

But the revenge of the voting public has found greatest expression I guess in their continuing attempts to get the faux fainting and phobic  fu**wit Gillian McKeith to undertake the dreaded bushtucker trials on I’m A Celebrity GMOOH. She’s got to be the most unloved participant in the show ever. God can the woman put on a performance.  As my son-in-law put it, how on earth does someone who pokes around in people’s stools for a living, pass out at the sight of a fly? What on earth is she doing in a show set in a rain jungle where the sole aim is to see how minor slebs react to being smothered in repellant slime and hideous insects and reptiles whilst eating the genitalia from everything from a dingo to a wombat. She’s either demented or one of Britain’s finest actresses. Either way the public is not going to let her off the hook now and the whole shape of the programme is being re-defined before our eyes.

Don’t you just love that? It’s an evil thought but I can’t wait to see a lot more of the screaming Gillian become even more unhinged and detached from her fellow campers. Bring on the rats:


ps It was almost as sad watching the smooth Nigel Havers blow his ‘charming’ nature as it was to see Paul Daniels finally confirm that he is a nasty little creep with almost the same dancing skills as the Widdy. How I smiled though.

pps well it seems that the public has lost its nerve having voted the Varg and mad McKeith out. Bugger and haven’t all the progs suddenly become as dull as ditchwater? Does anyone really care who wins them now? Wimps


2 thoughts on “reality tv; the public’s revenge

  1. Hi Paul,
    Great tv on all three counts. Out of all 3, I find Wagner staying on the x factor the most galling. All the XF contestants are unknown and trying to establish a career. His total crapness, Louis Walsh’s blind faith in him and the public’s rank stupidity are preventing others with far more talent from going further and that’s unfair.
    Ann W’s performances are a little bit car crash tv but great entertainment a and she looks to having a great laugh doing it. Good on her..
    And as for Gillian… Rumour has it she’s bordering now on mental instability. Whilst locked up in the ‘cage’, she was allegedly shouting to be released as she’s pregnant. Oh yes, Gillian age 51, is now trying a new tack away from hysteria and fainting – claiming she’s ‘with child’. Pregnant at 51? Slight possibility I suppose. The chances of a bloke giving her one to get her pregnant? Nil.

  2. Hi Hel

    maybe it’s a virgin birth and the second coming? would be a great headline – Gillian McKeith; the new Madonna? Certainly she’s already the new Lady Gaga.

    Aw come on Hel, we need Wagner to win X Factor to rid the world of Simon Cowell’s influence! I’m not sure I can watch too much more (and the prog’s only on our tv folks because my daughter R loves it) of Louis ‘I do like the young boys of Berne but my speciality is any town in Ireland’ Walsh and the poisoned princess Cheryl. Am I alone in thinking that she’s dreadfully self-absorbed? She’ll end up living with 12 dogs and her mother inside 3 years if she’s not careful. Maybe she’ll be happy. Though I suspect she’ll be be on IACGMOOH inside 5 years alongside Robbie Williams. Now that would be fun.

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