I’ve written before about how much I enjoy watching the programme Wheeler Dealers, two guys who renovate modern classic cars and sell them on for a smallish profit. The other day I watched this episode where a mini is brought up to date by wrapping it in a very distinctive carbon fibre vinyl – the first mini in the world to receive this treatment:

Now I know you aren’t going to believe this but shortly after watching the programme I left to go up to my daughter’s who lives near Buckingham. On the way to the village where she lives I had to pass through the two gatehouses that lead onto Stowe Avenue – the Grand Avenue that leads up to the Corinthian arch and onwards to Stowe, the former country home of the Dukes of Buckingham (their town house being Buckingham Palace of course). Here’s the view after you crest the rise to the Avenue:


You’re going to think that I’d been at the Xmas sherry but I swear to you that the car that squeezed past me through the gatehouses was the very mini I’d been watching on the telly not two hours earlier.  It had the distinctive black, grey and white union jack on the roof, the two white stripes on the bonnet and that matt carbon fibre colouring on the body which, you’ll remember, is simply unique. It had to be the same vehicle. What would be the chances of that happening do you think? Probably about the same as me becoming one of the 25 millionaire winners of tonight’s Euro lottery.

I’ll tell you tomorrow if lady luck visits for a second time in a week. Meantime, dear readers I wish you all a great Xmas and a brilliant New Year 2011.  Buon natale.


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