you’re having a giraffe

Speaking of really funny guys have you nerticed how many so-called comedians and comic actors are just not that funny? I’m not talking about those sad old gits still crucifying the comedy arts like Bruce frigging Forsyth, Ronnie ‘the tapper’ Corbett, Little and Large, Cannon and Ball and Lenny Henry. Nor am I talking about those giants of the US comedy scene like Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin who became totally sterile of humour the moment somebody in La La land told them they were accomplished film actors rather than great stand-ups.

Nor do I mean those once-were-lions of the UK comedy scene like Billy Connolly, who got blanded out by the good life in Australia and LA long ago,  Rowan Atkinson who seems happy to Mr Bean his way to serious wealth these days, and last but not least, John Cleese, who stopped being many, many years ago. Way back when he did a TV advert for us when I was at Cellnet as Joanna Lumley lookalike. I cannot find a video of it but those of a certain age may remember the ad from the image below…

It was truly funny and almost the best piece of advertising I ever commissioned. But compared to his most recent work doing a commercial for the AA’s boiler repair service it’s a work of comic genius. This ad is just grim…

But the key point of the posting is to remark on all the current crop of comedians/comic actors who I just don’t find the least bit amusing. Maybe I’m missing the point  but can somebody explain the comedic appeal of egotist Russell Brand, always-lashed Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves), yellow-fanged Noel Fielding form the Mighty Boosh, the incomprehensible Johnnie Vegas and the smug self-confessed porn-lover David Baddiel?

If you can post me a genuinely funny clip from any of these guys I’ll send you some of our precious olive oil produced with my own gnarled hands in gratitude.

Already chuckling…



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