oh joy, stansted again

Well tomorrow we’re heading off for a few days at our home in Italy. We haven’t been for several months now as we’ve so enjoyed the winter here in the UK. As ever there’ll be a lot to do to get the place straight. Our first task may be to try and get the energy company Enel to reconnect our supply which got disconnected it seems recently. Don’t ask. Our good friend and neighbour Pauline has been valiantly trying to get us re-booted over the last few days in the in midst of packing up hundreds of boxes as she’s recently sold her property. It’s always complicated in Italy – although bills have been paid, it’s also necessary to fax copies of receipts to Enel to prove that they’ve banked the money. Apparently they wouldn’t know otherwise. Anyway fingers crossed it’ll all get sorted. Meanwhile I’m so looking forward to catching up with the joys of Stansted early tomorrow morning. Yeh right.

ciao amici


ps more on the new design and theme for the blogsite shortly


2 thoughts on “oh joy, stansted again

  1. Hi P

    It’s been bloody freezing and even snowing here and power only just connected this morning. Brrr. Better just check that we didn’t catch the plane to Greenland rather than c Italy. Lots of fun with jobsworths at Stansted the other morning and an interesting visit by someone from the local commune here waving his arms about telling me our rebuilt pool-hut has to be taken down (!) but that’s all for the next posting.


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