The Redgraves acting dynasty

Now everyone knows about the incredible Redgrave family of accomplished actors; Sir Michael and his wife Rachel and children Corin, Vanessa and Lynne and grandchildren Natasha and Joely and their various partners and other kids. And now a significant new acting talent has emerged from the ranks….

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music not to drive to

So this Easter weekend we headed to our old friends L&S up in Wetherby to help with the re-laying of their patio. Hard work but it turned out pretty well and we had a swell time as ever. Anyway it was a longish drive and we didn’t get away until after 4.30pm as daughter R has landed herself a great little work experience project in a famous little cafe/restaurant overlooking the river (very proud parents). I love to drive with the radio on and it has to be talk-based for me but the girls hate it. So after an hour or so of 5 live and a bit of Radio 4 I had to bow to the inevitable and tune in to something, anything, music-based. Groan.

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Now I might just attract some flack with this posting. But here goes. Regularly parked outside our local M&S in Teddington High is a young girl selling the Big Issue. Another girl who looks like her sister operates outside of our Tesco Metro store. They look like pretty typical Romanian street beggars. Now we’ve been in Teddington for around 18 months now and these girls have been here imploring me to buy the ‘Bee-shoo’ all that time. So what’s my little issue with them?

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BST at last!

Well as Bill Withers might say, what a lovely day. It’s absolutely glorious here today in sunny Teddington and it feels like we’ve seen the last of winter at long last. Mind you this is England so it would be no surprise for it to start snowing tomorrow. Which won’t worry me because we’re off to Italy for a week or so to get our place sorted out for the summer. It’ll be hard work as ever, no doubt,  but I can’t wait to be honest. Though it would be rather nice if we just had a busy, rather than eventful, trip this time. Fingers crossed!


the ugly coyote of the car world

Now this is going to be interesting. He gets paid a fortune to drive lovely cars and write engagingly for the Sunday Times. Possibly the best job in the UK. Sigh. Millions of people think he’s great, to Noel Edmonds he’s a true hero but I have to agree with the T-shirt….. presumably given to Jeremy Clarkson by his wife, following the reports in this morning’s press of her husband’s affair. Ah Jezza one of those rare beasts – a Yorkshireman with a bigoted opinion on just about everything and an ego the size of Ilkley Moor. A public school bully who never grew up. A man who actually taunts his Top Gear colleagues with nicknames mocking their small stature and more restrained driving style. He’s a charmless cheating chump but I found myself absolutely in agreement with him earlier today.  Surely some mistake?

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Blame it on the boogie? Nah tonie

Well yesterday I was in London catching up with an old mate at Kings Cross. I had to get back for 2pm for a viewing on a new house  (we’ve been toying with a move). Following a very useful chat I got back on the tube to head for Waterloo St to catch my train home to Teddington. It was 12.30ish so plenty of time I figured….

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