BST at last!

Well as Bill Withers might say, what a lovely day. It’s absolutely glorious here today in sunny Teddington and it feels like we’ve seen the last of winter at long last. Mind you this is England so it would be no surprise for it to start snowing tomorrow. Which won’t worry me because we’re off to Italy for a week or so to get our place sorted out for the summer. It’ll be hard work as ever, no doubt,  but I can’t wait to be honest. Though it would be rather nice if we just had a busy, rather than eventful, trip this time. Fingers crossed!



11 thoughts on “BST at last!

    • Hi Lorraine

      We’re all fine and enjoying the beautiful Italian weather. Working v hard getting our jungle/garden cleared but it never seems so bad when the sun’s shining. We’re just about to have dinner on our terrace watching the sun set. Glass of very cold vino bianco in hand. Ahh..

  1. Sounds idyllic ! We’ve been enjoying temperatures of up to 23 degrees here too which always helps to cheer people up.

    Sorry about the rubbish Italian I keep putting on your blog, but in my defence I last studied it at 16 which is a very loooooong time ago, so please forgive me

    Anyway I meant email me off blog / privately as I have something to ask you

  2. Paul

    We’ve started a footy blog. I’ve just written my first post. Sure you’ll find our posts pretty interesting being a fan.

    See my post here:

    Trying to drum up some followers. I’ll advertise your site on ours as well if you can put our link on here maybe?


    • Hi Russ

      of course i’ll load onto my blogroll (somebody should come up with a better name for it). welcome to the sad (but quietly stimulating) world of the blogger; it’s getting quite a family thing.

      nice first posting. it’s the next 599 which get harder. happy writing.

      • Cheers Paul

        It’s not my blog – just the occasional guest post. Usually when they’re desperate for stuff to put on there…

        Thanks for that.


  3. Hi Russ
    Link established. Look forward to reciprocal blogrolling.

    I’ve an interesting tale to tell about my recent side-trip to BFC to discuss their sponsorship needs on a moving day (as you know). Let me know if you want some outside input to the blogsite.


    • Thanks Paul – yeah, no worries, we’ll put your link on our site.

      Feel free to write something for us – there are only a couple of us writing posts at the moment, but it’s not just our site. It’s for football fans to share tales and opinions, so feel free to write something and email it me. It’s not set up for guest bloggers yet, only the authors.

      Cheers again,

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