The Redgraves acting dynasty

Now everyone knows about the incredible Redgrave family of accomplished actors; Sir Michael and his wife Rachel and children Corin, Vanessa and Lynne and grandchildren Natasha and Joely and their various partners and other kids. And now a significant new acting talent has emerged from the ranks….

You’ll know him better from his sporting achievements but retirement has seen him move into the acting field with his first blockbuster. Yes it’s the stunning tv ad for Ultralase eye correction treatment starring Sir Steve Redgrave. Have you seen this pile of optical tosh? Honestly it’s stinker – a dreadful script with gratuitous rowing references eg ‘at a stroke’ anchored by the background footage of Sir Steve and pals doing their Olympic stuff. What this all has to do with laser treatment I don’t know but the real eye opener (see what I did there? I could write a better punning script for them) is to watch the grumpy rower attempt to act like his namesakes. Unfortunately he’s about as wooden as his oars. Plus he’s got a real estuary accent so he delivers his cheesey killer end-line as ‘I deserve a medoow’. What for the cows to graze in Steve? It’s eye-watering; enjoy…


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