the jaguar’s heart

A couple of year’s ago over in Italy we met up with a great American couple, James and Mary Lou, who were staying with our neighbour Pauline. Sometimes I find Americans to be pretty hard work – all that openness and incesssant chat can grate a bit. But these guys were effortlessly laid back and engaging and they got the Italian thing too. We all hit it off straight away and have been friends ever since. I heard from James the other day (they’re back in LA at the moment) to tell me that he’d written a novel and had had it published as an e-book on Amazon and Smashwords. Entitled ‘The Jaguars’ Heart’ the synopsis is bloody breathless:

“The Jaguar’s Heart opens explosively during the assassination of a U.S. presidential candidate and takes the reader on a high speed ride into the world of Sangre de Dios, a shadowy drug soaked cult steeped in Aztec and Mayan mythology and sorcery. The cult’s demonic leader promises immortality for the chosen few and slavery for the rest of mankind when the end of an age, 2012, arrives.

 Jesse J. Rideout, former covert operator now a fugitive and artifact smuggler, must undergo a mind-bending transformation to learn if the cult leader has real occult power or if his followers are deluded by exotic hallucinogens, and then destroy an ancient horror to avert a war between the United States and Mexico.

 Katarina Castillo, daughter of the aristocracy, is Jesse’s partner in their desperate attempt to stop the cult, which has subverted the highest levels of U.S. government. Their only ally is the secretive Society of the White Rose, sworn enemy of Sangre de Dios.

 This riveting page turner examines the conflict between individual morality and patriotism in the conscience of a hyper-perceptive young covert agent recently recruited from a special operations military unit. The Jaguar’s Heart is also the story of a young woman facing unimaginable horror and discovering new depths of courage.”

Now if that doesn’t make you want to have a read nothing will. If you fancy a killer thriller check it out at:  or at

It’s around $5 which is only like 3s 6d as the Dollar’s sicker than the Euro at the moment. My mate James Morgan Ayres the author. Whodathunkit. Enjoy!



txting; dnt mke me lol…

I’m sure they must run classes to teach kids all these annoying short-hand codes for their texting. I guess the need to compress messages within the limit of 160 characters had a lot to do with it. I have to admit that I tend to use some text shorthand too but different from this gr8 stuff. More of that in a second. But here’s a little fact for you to show you what a man of foresight I really am. One of the guys who developed the SMS standard was a guy from Cellnet called Kevin Holley and back when I was Head of Marketing there, I was shown this new and additional way of communicating by mobile phone. Despite being a lot cheaper than a voice message I still found it unlikely to believe that anyone, other than our engineers, would choose to resort to typing a message  when they could just simply call and speak to someone. Didn’t they know that mail was dead? Spanner-heads – pah! Within 15 years 4 trillion SMS messages were being sent each year.  A multi-£billion business in its own right. Er  oops…

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an interesting news week

Well if you were the editor of a news channel, this must have been one hell of a week for you. First off the William and Kate wedding. Regular readers will know I’m not a big royalist. Many of the lesser figures in the Royal family deserve to be in places other than a fabulous Cathedral; like in a sentence with an assortment of words like ‘lamp-posts’, ‘from’ and ‘dangling’. Only joking. But I watched the wedding with my family and you know, I had to admit that it made for decent viewing. The Beckhams trying to be properly posh, the hats worn by Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, the nose-off between Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Mike Tindall, Charles and Camilla having to slum it by sharing a coach with those pushy Middletons, all left an indelible image on my mind. But jesting apart I think I can proudly say that I can’t think of anywhere that does this spectacle better than Britain and whilst the Royals are rubbish at marriage they do put on a good wedding. I’ll give it 2 years…

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