walk on the mild side

Look at this lovely old footbridge over the Thames here in ready steady Teddington. A couple of weeks ago we were walking over it with our good friends J&ML. C and I tripped over it for a gentle stroll in the rare balmy weather along the far, Surrey, side of the river this last week-end. I love this bridge and the stretch of the river on either side of it.  Continue reading


hey there

Well it’s been ages since I did my last posting on my friend James’ new e-book. What’s happened since, well we’ve twice been over to Italy working hard getting the house ship-shape and catching up with friends and neighbours J&C and F&B. We’ve also started the sometimes difficult process to enable our lovely daughter R to live a more independent life. She’s learned to travel on the buses extending her universe significantly, plus has secured her very first paid job which she loves and is trialling living with a care family to give her experience away from us. She’s doing brilliantly but it’s taken a lot of effort on everyone’s part. On top of that I’ve been working at my son-in-law’s film company developing their marketing presentation and helping secure new clients. We’ve had a lovely visit from James and Mary Lou from America and inspired by them I’ve started work on my first e-book. Ooh… more on that to follow. But I’m pleased to be back blogging. I’ve missed it. Continue reading