David Bowie – Fame…still trading off it?

david-bowie-where-are-we-30Well it’s taken 10 years since he released a piece of music but today on his 66th birthday David Bowie released a single entitiled ‘Where are we now?’ It’s a joyful little ditty  as you can tell from the above snippet from the lyrics and scene from the rather weird video released to promote the song.

Is it just me or is it something of a mystery why this has warranted considerable publicity in every bit of news coverage I’ve watched on the TV today from noon until 10pm? (what, no wars nor conflicts in the Middle East to report on?). It’s dreary, spooky and let’s face it DB did it for me way back in the 70’s when I was at Uni with Jean Genie et al though I’ll concede he had some biggish late moments in the 80’s with the likes of Ashes to Ashes (dull), Let’s Dance (OK) and Under Pressure (I doubt that DB).   Now that’s a longgg time ago. And since then? As far as I’m concerned he’s delivered nothing that’s been any good whatsoever apart from a great cameo appearance in ‘Extras’.  Oh I know DB fans will be screaming and shouting and proclaiming that his Tin Machine stuff was brilliant but 99% of the population knows that was all a crock of crap.

Why the frigging fuss? I just don’t get it. The guy was good when Gary Glitter was popular for Christ’s sake. If you can explain to me what the deal is I’d be very grateful. I mean this isn’t like Led Zeppelin getting together again is it…..?


2 thoughts on “David Bowie – Fame…still trading off it?

  1. Hi ERTAS

    Thanks for checking in. I kind of figured there’d be a bit of reaction. I’ve checked out your site – which has some excellent postings on there btw – and I see you’re a fan of the TW Duke, so fair enough. It’s nothing like as powerful as his early stuff in my view but whose stuff is? What’s Paul McCartney written of note since Wings disbanded? Not a lot. When did John Cleese write/perform something really funny? Back in the Middle Ages. At least Bowie remains creative and offers something different and I guess that’s his appeal. Each to their own eh E?


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