modern times…part 2


Yep that’s the look of a rather angry and frustrated man. How come? Well if the last posting was about lots of people using technology to make even the most powerful brands in the world sit up and change their practices, then this post’s about one man using technology which fails on him. Big time. Something of a recurring theme in my life.

Yes the other night my beautiful  Apple Mac desk top which contains all my work files, personal data, music collection and 100’s of irreplaceable family pictures etc crashed on me. And of course none of it is backed up (we’ve been meaning to do it for ooh at least 5 years now). I called Apple support, it cost me £35 to speak to a guy, and he did try to help. Reckoning it was a hard-drive failure or software crash he resolved to fix the latter problem first by asking me to find the long lost software disc used to install the original software. Having found it, miraculously, I started the upload process and 25 minutes in it suddenly decided it couldn’t read the disc any more. After cleaning it carefully and re-starting the process 3 more times the machine gives out the Mac equivalent of a death scream and shuts down. The Apple guy told me I had a big memory problem and then he……er…oh yeh  booked me into the Apple store for a consult with the genius guys on Thursday. I just hope they live up to their bloody description.

You know what I was doing to cause this disaster? Typing a letter to my poor mum who’s unable to take my calls any longer because of her stroke. Sigh. Having recovered some calm I reconnected my laptop up to the printer and various other devices and after getting through all my work messages etc, had another crack at doing the letter to my folks. All completed I pressed the printer button, waited patiently for it to kick into action and smiled contentedly as the first page starting rolling out of the feeder tray. And then after half a page the print started to disappear. The ink had run out. Sigh. Why is it always me not Mario?

So today I headed out to get some replacement cartridges and 36 hours after starting it, finally got my letter finished and posted off. I could have written it by hand in half an hour. What is the point of modern technology if it causes this much pain eh? Can’t live without it (apparently) and living with it is like being married to Annie Wilkes in Misery. It’s bloody crippling at times.



2 thoughts on “modern times…part 2

  1. Good to see you’re back on the blogging trail PP. I haven’t had anything decent to read with my mid morning coffee for ages! Also comforting to know that as much as things seem to change some things, other than death and taxes, can be relied on to stay the same in perpetuity. PP and technology – a marriage of (in)convenience.

    Top blogging

    • Wotcha M
      Great to hear from you mate and thanks for the top comments. Yep me and technology, such a natural fit. I’ve got a postscript to the story which is already tear-inducing but I’ll wait till i see the genius guys before finishing the piece. there’s still time for more heartache!
      cheers m

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