modern times…part 2


Yep that’s the look of a rather angry and frustrated man. How come? Well if the last posting was about lots of people using technology to make even the most powerful brands in the world sit up and change their practices, then this post’s about one man using technology which fails on him. Big time. Something of a recurring theme in my life.

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modern times… part 1

Right this posting has nothing to do with music at all but it has everything to do with the times we live in – especially for someone of bus pass years. Almost every day I come across something that makes me smile and shake my head in disbelief or just makes me shake with bloody rage.  Today was mostly a case of the latter. GRRR.

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There is no stage 5…..

Now this posting’s going to get a bit deeper than the previous few but its starting point is yet another musical reference.  What do you know about a guy called John Cooper Clark?  I had some knowledge of his name deep in my memory banks but up until I’d watched the final series of American tv’s greatest export , I’d never come across his work. As it happens he was a leading light in the punk movement of the 70’s; an angry northern performance poet with a shock of Dylan-like hair sometimes referred to as the Salford Bard:



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Do you remember the Beatles?

Well it’s not like me to do many postings about music but perhaps inspired by checking out the blogsite of a recent visitor, Every Record Tells a Story, here is my second in two days. London buses eh. And speaking of London Transport did you know today’s the 150th anniverary of the opening of the Underground system? In case you were about to ask, no I wasn’t there. But I was there when the Beatles brought out the single Please Please Me just the 50 years ago this week. 50 YEARS! How can that possibly be for real? I can see the mop-haired lads belting out the song as clearly as if it was yesterday (even though I’m struggling to recall what I had for lunch on Monday).

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David Bowie – Fame…still trading off it?

david-bowie-where-are-we-30Well it’s taken 10 years since he released a piece of music but today on his 66th birthday David Bowie released a single entitiled ‘Where are we now?’ It’s a joyful little ditty  as you can tell from the above snippet from the lyrics and scene from the rather weird video released to promote the song.

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Nelly and the elephant

ImageRemember this image because it’s absolutely perfect for this piece. It’s about my nan, affectionately known as Nelly, who was indisputably the kindest, warmest, most decent person I’ve ever known and I loved her utterly. She’s no longer with us of course – she died just before Carol and I got married almost 40 years ago. But I think of her often and this evening I had a fond smile at her memory sparked by a clip from tonight’s TV. Continue reading

Does Sir have a reservation…?

Regular readers will be aware of my fondness for call centres*. I just love those companies that talk about their great customer service when in reality they care for me and my custom about as much as anal warts. Well I have another doozy of an experience for you dear reader and it nearly put the enteritis into gastro.


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