Published…at last!

Time to move on eh. One of the few bright moments in a very dark couple of weeks was a little e-message I got from the editor of a great online magazine called High 50, confirming that I’d won an amusing story competition (using an old blog posting) and would have the entry published. Well you could have knocked me over with a quill. After nearly 700 postings and well over half a million words I’d finally managed to get a piece of writing recognised. 

It’s not the longest piece, nor anything like my best bit and long term readers will have seen it before. But it seemed to fit the competition’s requirements; to come up with a daft anecdote demonstrating childlike or embarrassing behaviour in response to a piece from James May. Knowing James’ fondness for cars I thought I’d offer up an inglorious  memory from a journey home along the North Circular more than 25 years ago. I’ll do a link to the piece in a second (I know you can hardly wait) but first some even brighter news from all this:

–  not only did I get a dedicated posting on the site, I also received a crate of delicious wines from the competition’s sponsors Naked Wines. Yep just the crate. Oh happy days;

–  inadvertently I happened to use my business signature on the bottom of my original e-mail submission and the editor has invited us in for a chat about sponsorship activity so there may be a business upside too;

–  subsequently I feel I should encourage any readers no longer in their 40’s to have a butchers at the High 50 e-mag as it is a good read and there are lots of decent (for a change) promo offers and competitions that any old schmuck can win. Here’s the proof:

And if you felt an irresistible urge to leave a message saying how hilarious the story was and what a great new writer the magazine had uncovered, well I’d be amazed.



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