farewell to brrr

You might have seen a strange bright object in the sky this last week accompanied by a weird warm feeling. Yes it was a bit of spring with temps rising to double figures at long last. Hurrah! Jeez it feels like we’ve had a very long and cold winter doesn’t it? And we haven’t had it quite as bad as some places. I wouldn’t say the shorts and pale white legs are out yet but the coats have definitely been packed away again and it’s hats in the air to some sunshine! 

Suddenly the plants and trees are all budding and coming to life again. And some trees are in full blossom. We seem to be surrounded in Teddington and this general area by hundreds of magnolias, camelias and cherry and may trees and some of the garden  views are sensational at the moment:



But the nicest views have got to be from our balcony where the tress are starting to bud and turn green again


However the nicest view from our balcony is of the lovely new olive tree which our friends Simon and Jayne got me for my 60th. They were going to give it to me at Simon’s 50th bash which you recall we had to miss because of my hospitalisation. Anyway some of their friends delivered it to us and here it is standly proudly – a little bit of Italy on our balcony.


I should be back there tending to the grove but this little fella is about all I can manage at the moment. If we get a nice sunset this evening I might just have a small glass of vino on the balcony to remind me of our Italian views.




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