Wigan gone


Well this is just a quick little posting to say how disappointed I was to see Wigan lose last night and get relegated. I won’t get into all that Spurs v Arsenal stuff because I have several mates on both sides of the N London divide. But I don’t think Wigan were anywhere near the 3rd worst side in the Premiership as their win in the Cup proved.

But speaking of the Cup final, don’t you find it ridiculous that Wigan had to play almost the most critical match of their season just 3 days after playing in the biggest match in the club’s history? They were on equal terms for an hour last night but ran out of steam towards the end. Is it any wonder? They must have been physically and emotionally drained. Plus they missed out on celebrating their Cup success to prepare for last night’s match. I bet they didn’t much feel like hitting the hot spots last night instead. What a bummer for them; that’s just not right. You can see the disappointment on the players’ faces above.

But I can rant better than that. How on earth can the FA allow a Premiership game to be played on the morning of the Final, then a critical match involved a finalist 3 days later, then a whole fixture list of final matches involving every Premiership side the following week-end? Whatever happened to the Cup Final being the season concluder? And which f**kwit at the FA decided that allowing the match to kick off at 5.15pm was a good idea too?  Especially with two sets of fans needing to get home to the North West afterwards. Let me guess, was it anything to do with the sponsor being Budweiser, eager no doubt to have their brand visbility on US tv screens. Sod what the English football fan wants. And who said they could have their name on the ribbons on the Cup? Bloody Americans.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

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