Is that Jeremy Clarkson looking over his shoulder?

Well David Beckham’s gone and announced his retirement now but surely the biggest news item in this week was the publication of yet another of my postings in the fabulous high50 site. Alright David might have stolen the front page headlines but it was big news in this household I can tell you and I’m sure old Clarkson must be quaking in his Sunday Times boots at such an amusing new columnist. Long-standing readers may remember this posting about one of my early public appearance successes heading up the marketing function at mobile network Cellnet. I still blush today at the memory but you’re welcome to enjoy my indignity:

This follows hot on the heels of my first posting to be published,

recalling the time I deeply embarrassed myself in a car wash.  There’s something of an ignominious theme developing here but no worry. The key thing about the Stamford Bridge posting was that this was the last time I had mentioned in despatches the role that Cellnet’s technical support guy played in my life. He was the late great Bill Hunter, affectionately nicknamed ‘Blunter’ in honour of the way he answered the phone, and he was a real one-off. He was a nightmare and a guru, the worst hustler and the kindest guy all wrapped up in a single skin. I could write a book about him but here are some early postings recent readers may not have seen before about the incomparable Blunter and I swear these stories are as true as I can remember them:



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