managerial panto time


So SAF’s retired and will be replaced by Everyon’s David Moyes, Mancini and his valet have left the Etihad, Pulis has been sacked from Stoke, Martinez is thinking about both that job and the Everton vacancy, Mourinho’s leaving Real and heading back to Chelsea, maybe, to replace Benitez who’s heading everywhere there’s a vacancy it seems now that his CV is all glitzty again. Yes it’s football’s pantomine season when club chairmen don their Baron Hardup outfits and seek to replace their ugly sister managers with a shiney new Buttons.

Rather than stretching the panto metaphor too far I was going to write something on the theme of musical chairs and observing that when the music stops it’s the same managerial faces just in different seats whilst one or two big beasts always seem to leave the game. But I think I did a pretty decent piece on this very subject way back in 2008:

So Man City finally sack Sven GE as their manager yesterday. Sven, of course, once accepted the job of managing Blackburn Rovers before giving back word. Now Man City are chasing Mark Hughes the current Blackburn manager, who once played for Chelsea. Chelsea once interviewed Sven GE for their manager’s job before giving it to Jose Mourinho, who surfaced yesterday as the new manager of Inter Milan, having sacked Roberto Mancini the other day. Mancini is one of the candidates for the Chelsea job which became vacant following the departure of Avram Grant, who is one of the candidates for the Man City job. So too is Big Phil Scolari, the current manager of the Portuguese national side, but Phil is also being chased by Chelsea. If he cannot be prised away then Chelsea may well plump for the afore-mentioned Hughes. Sven GE is unlikley to return to Blackburn and will probably take up a role with the Mexican national side. Blackburn may therefore go for Sam Allardyce who used to manage rivals Bolton before he moved to a bigger job at Newcastle from whence he got sacked earlier this season. The Newcastle job was probably the one that ought to have been offered to Sven GE but they’ve now appointed Kevin Keegan, who’s done the job previously. That was before he went to Man City who finally sacked Sven GE as their manager yesterday…..

I think this just goes to show that when it comes to managerial movements ‘plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose’, as Arsene Wenger might put it (he’s overdue for a change).



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