Rooney kids


So here’s the tweet from Wayne confirming the new member of the Rooney clan, Klay, brother of course to young Kai. Krikey that’s one kooky moniker for a kid don’t you think? How on earth did they kome up with that krazy Khristian name? Do you think they may like watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ a banal US tv show about a family all seemingly christened with names beginning with the letter K (apart from the son who’s called Rob, of course)? What other explanation is there?

Actually a bit of a confession here. No I’m not a fan of Kim and Khloe et al but my family has had a tradition of giving the children first or second names beginning with the letter R. A bit funny I suppose but to be fair all the names were traditional ones rather than dopey fabrications and we just ran out of ‘R’ naming ideas for my third daughter (though I’ve become fond of the name Ruby in recent years).

So I understand the interest in developing or maintaining a family tradition. But Wayne and Coleen must have had a touch too much of that Entonox gas and air in the maternity ward methinks. I’m sure they are loving and devoted parents but Kai and Klay!! It’s not as bad as some of those wacky names you see on US talent shows like Sha’quayla LeeBronxxya but by English standards it’s pretty odd (though touchingly they’ve balanced the wacky with a very ordinary-sounding second name- tres Anglais). Were they into a rhyming thing as well as the K alliteration? What will the next kid be called – oh please let it be twins so we can anticipate the twitter welcome for Kray Ronnie and Kray Reggie. They’ll never know. However I’ve just realised it’ll then be a Rooney/PP family fusion thing. A bit weird that but it’ll still make me smile.

I did a selection of pieces poking fun at wacky celebrity baby naming and other odd names way back. Hope you enjoy reading them again:



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