tv so bad it should be outlawed


Recently I offered up some criticism of some new programmes on ITV which were supposed to be light entertainment but were in fact as funny as anal warts. I didn’t think I’d be returning to the subject so soon but tonight I saw the last 10 minutes of the BBC sit-com The Wright Way. It was the last in the series apparently. It ought to be the last thing that Ben Elton ever gets paid to write again. In fact I want him to personally refund my tv licence. It was crapper than crap, it was uberultracrap.

It’s about the typical annoying jobsworth, the utterly PC health and safety officer and his  team of moronic loons set in the fictitious Essex council of Baselricky (ged it?). I can’t describe the banality of the storyline I witnessed nor the witlessness of the supporting characters but it reminded me of the sit-com within a comedy ‘When the Whistle Blows’ which Ricky Gervais used to spoof the genre in his Extras series. And it was about as ridiculous and grotesque.

I hadn’t come across it before this evening and having checked out other reviews now it looks like it’s been universally panned. It’s so painful I think that instead of flogging they should show it endlessly to that clutch of 70’s celebrity perverts when they get sent down. Then let them loose on Ben Elton after, say, 10 years. If you haven’t seen it here’s a little preview. Be warned….



2 thoughts on “tv so bad it should be outlawed

  1. Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi may well be legendary actors, but it’s going to take a lot to convince me that this isn’t just a pair of gay refugees from a ­Benidorm script rewrite theatrically bitching each other off for half an hour.

    • Hi Errol
      Thanks for checking by and for the comments. I couldn’t agree more; it’s so low quality. I was going to do a posting on this prog (may still do). After all these years this is how progressively we treat the subject of homosexuality on tv. Compare this with some great (and properly funny) tv stuff on the same subject in the US. Will and Grace for example ended years ago but it was, and indeed remains, light years ahead of Vicious in terms of plot sophistication, characterisation, issues and humour. Uh oh thisis turning into a posting already. Anyway thanks again Errol. Check in anytime

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