great genes

Medical update…….Gary Neville’s first punditry footballing words; ‘be careful what you wish for’. He was talking about a new manager. It’s so banal but so relevant to my own situation.

I had a sigmoidoscopy a week or so ago. I was reminded of Gary’s words before I spoke to the registrar yesterday after she’d consulted on my stomach problem. I was delighted to be told I didn’t have diverticulitis as I really didn’t fancy the idea of having that as an ongoing problem. The downside is I do have something else and I’m guessing it’s not good. And now I need a CT scan and another invasive filmic examination up my back passage, this time to the far far reaches of my colon. Oh deep, deep joy.  A slightly inflamed bowel lining seems like a not-too-bad condition now I think about it.

I’m not trying to anticipate  what the prognosis might be but here’s the deal. I know I inherited my father’s hair gene. The one which resulted in near baldness at 30. Thanks Dad. But is that the worst that can happen in life? Of course not. Believe it or not full-headed readers but being shaven-headed is massively more appealing to me than struggling with creeping baldness (though a lot of frigging extra shaving work).

My dad and his forbears I forgive. I can live without hair.  The problem is that I have more than likely inherited my mother’s Smith family gene for susceptibility to cancer.  It’s taken my mum, her brother and sister and own mother. I don’t know for sure as yet but I kind of suspect it given the coded language in which I’m being spoken to and the almost menstruating quality of my early morning sessions on the loo. Sorry to be so graphic readers. Would it have been so bad to have been blessed with my mum’s luxurious hair gene and Bob’s mild stomach issues? Lawdy where were you when it came to overseeing my family’s natural selection processes eh? I think the Great Architect must have had his back turned sorting out those pesky Yorkies when the Lancashire Smith family genome was being assembled.

Hey ho. Another bulletin this time next week folks


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Having decided on a change of life by moving home from the UK to Italy, this is the story and thoughts of a man on a personal journey from the Blackpool Tower to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in search of la dolce vita. After several olive harvests he's now back in London but en route he shares his very personal perspectives on life.

3 thoughts on “great genes

  1. Paul,

    Just read this. Damn. Sorry to hear this Mate. Amazing that you can write about it with your usual humor. Brit thing?

    Well, genes dont determine everything you know. Treatment for this stuff is much better than only a few years ago. Seems about half of our friends are cancer survivors of long standing. Probably doesnt help much to hear that, can imagine how youre feeling.

    A few years ago I thought my time was up, made out my will, said goodbye to my sons, all that stuff. Then disappointed everyone and lived. That was when I retired from business, just didnt want to do it anymore. Went back to writing, which I had left in my 20s cause I wanted to make some money. But, funny thing, didnt mean much of anything to me when I was in the hospital getting ready to check out. Anyway, modern medicine can do some great things, and so can positive thinking and visualization.

    Google medical visualization and youll find many medical facilities teaching it to their patients; its gone mainstream now. Unlike years ago when I got 3rd degree burns on my feet. Was in Grossman Burn Center, famous place here in LA. Dr. Grossmann was so amazed by the speed of my healing he took photos of my feet, and adapted the methods in his center, as have many others.

    Ive attached a PDF of my current book, The Tao of Survival. Its not about Rambo or any of that stuff. Its about surviving everyday life. If youre so inclined take a look, scan it. If it makes sense to you, do the exercises, especially the ones on self healing. Its not magic, just technology not well understood in the West. Be glad to forward more material if you want.

    In any event, ML and I send our love. You are in our thoughts and hearts.

    Be well my friend,

    James & ML

    • Hi James

      Great to hear from you and many thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I’ve been checking the Tao out on the journal – good read mate.

      I’m having more tests this week so will just keep fingers crossed it’s trapped wind or something uncomfortable but incredibly easy to treat. Ha! One thing I have learned is that any tests ending in …oscopy are to be avoided. I guess this must be the arse end of the film business. Kerbum’disch.

      Take care guys – l to ML

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