football transfer sagas – it’s getting very boring

transfer_news_and_rumours_paWell it’s exactly 3 months since David Moyes was announced as the new Man Utd manager and in all that time he’s managed not to buy Cesc Fabregas, not done anything about Rooney and the very latest news is that he might be going back to Everton to buy Fellaini and Baines. I mean what exactly has changed in 12 bloody weeks? But it’s not just at Old Trafford that things seem to be moving at glacial pace. Has anything truly significant happened  with the transfers of Luis Suarez to Arsenal, David Luiz to Barcelona, and the most drawn out of of them all, Gareth Bales’ move to Real Madrid? The answer is no, even though they are all almost certain to happen and it’s getting bloody boring. I don’t know why it takes so long to resolve a purchase, because that’s all it is.  But I think I’ve got the answer.

And it is £45M. It’s a lot of money but jeez football is awash with it. Here’s what I think the problem is, all the clubs are fannying around with offers which are just unacceptable. Man U have offered £30m for Fabregas and Barcelona swear hand on heart that they will never ever sell him. Really, when they forked out a hefty  £50m for Neymar early in the summer? Even they must have felt the pips squeak at that. So Moyes/Woodward offer them £45m take it or leave it with 4 hours to say yes/no and see what reaction it gets. If you need the cash sell Anderson, Young and Nani – that’ll generate £45m pronto. But you might not have to (though I think you should anyway) because if Abramovich/Mourinho stop dicking around at £30m for Rooney, they could jolly things along.  He either is or isn’t their only primary target this summer.  Just offer Man U £45m and see how they react – I reckon they’ll pack Rooney’s bags for him. If you’re worried Roman about financial fair play (snigger) well tell Barcelona to up their bid to £45m for David Luiz and they can have him. That’ll loosen the emotional ties to Fabregas pretty bloody quickly too. But if Barca still won’t release Cesc I think Moyes should offer £45m for Ozil and Khedira or Alonso at Real. That’ll pay for the first installment for Bale with the balance payable next year. I reckon even Levy would be very happy with 2 x £45m payments in cash. Wenger, what are you doing faffing around with an offer of 40m and one pound for Suarez when everyone, including the Liverpool FC board, knows you’ve got a war chest of £70m to play with? Just offer £45m and give them the wriggle room to say they’ve played hard ball and got a good deal on the ingrate. Everyone’s happy.  But why you’d want to buy him I’ll never know. Personally  Arsene I think you should be spending £45m on Ashley Williams (£10m), Julio Cesar (£2m), Fellaini (£23m), and Loic Remy (£10m). With the £25m change go tempt Swansea with a bid for Michu. You could have had all that business done weeks ago and ended up with a more complete team (which is why I’d like Man U to buy Fellaini anyway because he is without doubt the player you’ve needed for the last 8 years).



4 thoughts on “football transfer sagas – it’s getting very boring

    • Hi Alison
      Everytime I do a football posting (and I don’t do many these days) I alienate my female readers and it takes me ages to win them back. I nearly lost my good friend John the other day with the posting on daytime tv. I think that’s the basic problem with my blog – I write about too many different things. Anyway I’m enjoying your red shirts postings – are you selling the pieces? Your colleagues must be interested in them I’m sure. I think they’re great.

      • I don’t think you should stop writing about the things that interest you. I like the honesty, you will not alienate me, in fact I made a comment! Hope it didn’t sound rude. It was meant to make you laugh.
        I usually end up giving stuff away.

  1. Hi Alison
    That’s v kind of you and yes, your comment did make me smile. It wasn’t rude at all.
    BTW I think your friends are v lucky to get one of your pieces as a gift

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