Specs bombs


I seem to be focused on an eyewear thing at the moment, or more precisely what not to eyewear. Two recent posts on my facebook pages:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1405906809638322&set=a.1390376631191340.1073741827.100006570487269&type=1 and https://www.facebook.com/paulleonard60/posts/1406856676210002?notif_t=like

– yes I’ve joined the social media revolution comrades – are about slightly odd specs choices, a thought which sets up this posting. And what I was thinking is, what is the link between an alleged Eastbourne serial killer and a host of top football managers?

The clue of course is in the image above. When I first started wearing glasses my good friend Mike advised me to avoid sporting wire-framed specs because, he reckoned, they made me look exactly like the creepy Bodkin Adams the not-so-good doctor who somehow managed to get away with bumping off scores of his elderly female patients once they’d adjusted their wills in his favour of course. How Mike came to that conclusion is beyond me…


He may have had a point. So whenever I choose a new pair of glasses I think of Mike’s words and I invariably opt for the chunky-framed eye furniture to ensure that I avoid being cat-called Pasta Bodkin by children in the street. However It appears that Mike has failed to pass on similar advice to today’s football managers. Why is it that every gaffer with dodgy eyesight opts for the wire-framed optical option? Have a butchers at this lot…






See what I mean. Where are the chunky frames? Nowhere in sight. I reckon the LMA must do a special offer for its members – 25% off for Premiership/England/Championship managers at Specsavers when they quote the promotional code ‘Bodkins’.


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