Robbie Bland

I’ve been writing a bit lately about ageing and I notice I have been getting a little more reflective and mellower in my postings. It’s a sign of getting older I guess. I’d far rather watch Time Team than X Factor these days and I started wearing comfortable rather than stylish clothes quite a while ago. It comes to us all. But I have taken particular interest in the ageing process of one Robbie Williams of late, the one-time bad boy of Take That whose latest album has an intriguing title….


He’s not exactly throwing TV sets out of motel windows these days. In fact he’s just bought Michael Winner’s former home in Holland Park which is a very nice London location to raise his family. I also saw an advert tonight for his ‘Night at the London Palladium’ where he’ll showcase his latest album, a selection of songs from the Great American Swing Songbook.  Ah the old Frank Sinatra/Cole Porter oeuvre trodden by many a pop star whose single sales start to dry up once the new boy band on the block hit town. As soon as One Direction grabbed the young girls’ hearts Robbie was as relevant as Branston pickle. So to maintain sales it’s a simple process to resort to the songs of Nat King Cole and capture all the older girls’ spend. Rod Stewart’s done it, Robert Palmer’s done it, so has Bryan Ferry and countless others. It’s what you’d expect from Gary Barlow but to be fair he’s still producing and writing new material which remains popular,

What do I care – after all I’ve had to adapt to changed circumstances and create a new line of business for myself. True but I’ve tried to re-invent myself uniquely rather than treading down a path trodden by almost every ex lead singer/boy band hottie since Al Martino had the very first chart No 1 (in the week I was born since you ask). Was a rocker now a crooner is just so lame and samey don’t you think? I’m not expecting too may women to agree with me.

However it does make me thankful that blokes like Mick and Keith et al  are still doing the Stones rock stuff. They might look like as wrinkled and saggy as a turkey’s waddle but they remain true to their roots and still channelling blues/rock/white reggae  and complaining that they still can’t get no satisfaction. I’d have a hard job watching Mick singing ‘It’s de-lovely’ and even more difficulty listening to Keith doing de-wop backing vocals. Can you imagine Lemmy singing ‘When I Fall In Love’ on the X Factor semi-finals?

It couldn’t happen could it?


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