So here it is Merry Xmas

Well it’s 1 December and it’s starting to feel a lot like Xmas don’t you think? I hate cynical marketing but I admit to being a bit of a fan of good old-fashioned festive celebrations. A couple of days ago they switched on the lights in Teddington and we had a quick peek down there. It was great; not so much because the lights were spectacular (being a Blackpool boy I can justifiably say they’ve got a long way to go before they can call 12 trees lit up illuminations!) but because the townsfolk were out in force supporting our local High Street businesses, a theme very close to my heart. And the atmosphere was just great.

Anyway I got a tweet from one of my local tweeters/twitterers (what’s the term for someone you follow on twitter?) who’d attached a video of the event. Now it’s not going to win any prizes at Cannes for cinematography but it shows off the variety of our local shops rather nicely. But more than that it contains 3 comic joys:

–  a very cheesey Xmasey song about cakeshops and skating on mirrors to introduce it, which sounds like it was written (and sung) by the husband of the Lady Mayoress;

– which leads me on to comic moment two – watching the Lady Mayoress share a platform with local starlet Samantha Bond to switch on the lights. Two things struck me about this a) is it possible that the Lady Mayoress might have had a sherry or two before stepping out? She definitely wasn’t holding back and b) the impressiveness of the platform itself which looked like it had been created from two pallets slapped one on the other. Nice to see our council tax isn’t being wasted on frippery.

– finally half way through the film we get to see an Elvis impersonator outside what looks like our local Indian restaurant (try not to think about the Xmas significance). He’s pretty bloody rubbish which nobody seems to mind especially the old girls who are all swinging and singing along to the ‘Wonder of You’ or some other Elvis hit. But the fun comes right at the end of his set when just as you’re expecting to hear him say ‘Ah thank you very much’ in that famous southern drawl,  off camera you hear Elvis saying something like ‘what are you doing here kid, get out of here!’ Ah priceless.  Elvis has left the High St.

If you can bear it here’s the video for you to enjoy too:

And just to complete the festive scene here’s a shot I’ve just taken of the Santas on their Xmas run in Bushy Park. Marvellous. The snow effect is running on the blog postings (ah) and I’m expecting to hear on the 1 o’clock news that Cliff’s latest single – a pop ballad version of Once In Royal David’s City has gone straight (unlike Cliff) to no 1.  Yep it’s beginning to feel a lot like Xmas alright…




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