Sigh it’s Xmas marketing time

Well the last posting was a celebration of some lovely festive activity down our local High St and this is the antidote; a little rant about the indulgent and schmaltzy Xmas ads that have been running for weeks now. Apart from Iceland’s two bob ads they were all interesting to watch the first time round but it’s only 2nd December and I’m already sick of listening to Lily Allen, watching Ant &Dec joshing with a ginger bread man, and trying to understand why M&S couldn’t just do an homage to one of Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz, but both? Will sticking Helena Bonham-Carter on the end as the Wicked Witch of the West/dog-catcher really help sales? Is she really thought of as a style icon?

"Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince" UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Err…what do I know eh. Am I alone in thinking Rosie Huntingdon-Thingummybob in her undies was doing a decent job pitching the appeal of M&S? Well it worked for me Santa.

Anyway this isn’t just a moan about the supermarkets’ efforts because the biggest commissioners of the totally bizarre and overblown Xmas tv ads are the luxury goods/perfume brands. There’s been a welcome toning down this year I’ve noticed but then one ad popped out and dazzled my eyes with the most pretentious pile of poop since last year’s collections. And the winner of the PP Award for the Brand with an Advertising Head who’s clearly stuck so much charley chalk up his hooter that he’s channelling Louis Quatorze. Just a pity that one of his minions didn’t remind him that he’d gotten the wrong Louis – it’s Vuitton! You fruitloop.

If you haven’t seen the ad by the luxury luggage/accessories company it’s about a ‘journey’ (words by another great Louis – the little leprecaun himself, wiggy Walsh) to join the mysterious guests at the Vienna masquerade where you’ll witness one David Bowie warbling to Arizona Muse (she’s an American model apparently, and obviously the next big thing – in the Palace of Versailles) whilst playing the harpsichord. As you do.  It is bonkers. There’s a Director’s cut (of course) and a grim ‘making of’ feature on Youtube if you were interested but I know you’re not so here’s the ad all by its affected little self:

Brings a tear to the eye. If you want to see how to do a perfume/accessories ad that’s expensively produced, featuring some beautiful iconic women and about as sexy as it gets, there’s one that’s been around for a few years now and it remains as cool as ever. Ladeez and gennulmen, the PP Award for best luxury brand ad beyond a shadow of doubt goes to Dior’s ad for its J’Adore perfume featuring the quite beautiful Charlize Theron.

To think this woman played Aileen Wuornos….enjoy:



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