Robben dud

There are one or two footballers I have found instantly unlikeable even though I don’t really know them. One has been Arjen Robben whose rolling dives in agony after the merest hint of body contact with an opposing full-back, used to make Didier Drogba blush. And they were team mates. I know this sounds callous but I used to wish that he’d payed against the likes of Stuart Pearce or Julian Dicks whose tackles often resulted in a flying winger ending up in Row C of the spectators. Ribs would be properly bruised when Psycho said hello. Anyway after a couple of seasons in the ‘brutal’ Premiership old Arjen took himself off to the gentler slopes of La Ligue where the Real fans decided he was a tosser too so off he toddled to the Bundesliga where he joined the great Bayern Munich. It’s not been a bad career for the Dutchman and he topped it with the winning goal in last season’s Champion’s League Final. And didn’t he celebrate… like a knob.

So watching his career blossom has been difficult for me because he is such a tool. But redemption came for me yesterday morning when I found myself watching the Bundesliga highlights (there’s nothing on tv on Saturday mornings). Arjen had a typical game; he hardly passed the ball to a team mate but ended up scoring two great and winning goals against lowly Eintracht Braunschweig. I was grimacing as the shots flew in. The camera followed Arjen in his goal celebration as headed down towards the corner flag and then joy. His attempted knee slide was….well have a look for yourself and enjoy with me:

Ha ha ha!


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