The night Porter


I know I promised a posting on Jeremy Clarkson next but I’ve got a bloody tune that I can’t get out of my head and I’m hoping this post will clear it. It’s by the guy pictured above, Gregory Porter, and despite wearing daft hats he’s a bit of a cool jazzy singer.

Now I hadn’t come across him before this week. But we’ve spent a bit of time travelling in the car these last few days and to be fair to my wife C, I switched radio channels from Redneck Talksport to a more soothing Radio 2. I reckon old Gregory must be flavour of the month because his song Hey Laura seems to be high on the play list and I’ve caught it several times. If you don’t know it let me fill you in with the backstory. It’s about a guy who turns up late to his girlfriend Laura’s place and he’s apologising for ringing her door bell so late at night but there’s something bothering him; does she love him or not. It’s a classic boy/girl love song and old Gregory sings it with loads of soul and there’s some smooth sassy sax play in the background. I really liked it….at first. But then the ‘Hey Laura, sorry it’s so late, doorbell ringing’ etc refrain got repeated and repeated, until by the end of the song I was imaging Laura shouting through the letterbox ‘Oy Gregory. It’s 3am in the morning. For Jesus’ sake stop ringing that frigging bell numbnuts and bugger off because yes I am screwing your mate Billy’.

It would have served him right to be honest. Take a listen and please take the damn tune off my hands and outta my head….argghhh!


2 thoughts on “The night Porter

  1. Hey P, you are just like the the London buses, you wait for months then 3 come along at the same time. Just been to Italy for a couple of weeks and returned to find 3 great blogs waiting for me. C and myself hope that you are up to a trip to Le Marche this year. J.

    • Hey hi John
      So envious that you’ve just been over to le marche. We wonder if we’ll ever see it again sometimes. Hey ho but it would be nice to do so this summer if all goes well health-wise. Thanks for the kind comments re the postings as ever. L to C

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