Oh the irony

Do you remember that song from Alanis Morissette where she sang about lots of things which touched her soul and after each example invited us to agree with her that ‘Isn’t it ironic?’. The thing was that none of the things she wrote about were actually ironic. Unfortunate perhaps and slightly annoying but sadly Alanis, not particularly paradoxical. So last night my wife C’s watching the final episode of a drama series that’s been gripping her and 7m other viewers, set in the bleak Yorkshire landscape around Halifax. Bleak’s a good word because that describes the plotline   which features a police officer, played excellently by Sarah Lancashire,  faced with issues of drug addiction, suicide (her own daughter), murder, kidnapping and extortion, rape, brutal violence, dysfunctional family relationships, desperation, decay, divorce, police incompetence and lots of rain. It’s relentlessly grim; in other words it’s just an other day in t’West Yerkshire. And the name of this series? Happy Valley. Ha! And C loved it and didn’t see the title as the least bit enigmatic. 40 years plus together and she’s still a delightful mystery to me. Women eh. Alanis give us a burst of that song again love…

Reet belting.


2 thoughts on “Oh the irony

  1. Hey P, it’s beautiful today in Hebden Bridge (12 miles from our house) mind you the forecast is for rain tomorrow. Just got back from Le M last night and what did we do first, yep, played catch up on Happy Valley. We loved it and Sarah Lancashire has come so far from her early outings in Corrie. And it finished with that enigmatic smile.
    Hoping that things continue to progress well healthwise and that C is hale and hearty.
    J and C

    • Ha! hey J&C
      Of course you guys don’t live that far from the film locations in Happy Valley. Great to hear from you mate. Hope the trip to LM was enjoyable. We do miss it so. But things continuing OK at the moment thanks J. Hope you’re bearing up too. Love to C


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