O lucky man

Yesterday was such a great day – my fabulous youngest grandson E had his naming/thanksgiving ceremony (so much more welcoming than all that ‘I renounce the devil’ nonsense) and my lovely daughter S and great son-in-law E threw a top party for him in Chiswick where we caught up with our family, S&E’s oldest friends (love ’em all) and lots of great kids. Super, super day. Oh and it was father’s day too which I’d quite forgotten about until my girls got me some lovely cards and pressies. I wasn’t able to try and get hold of my dad until later in the evening by which time I’d missed him, though I did catch up this morning and he was well and looking forward to his first break-away since my mum left us some 16 months ago. So I had a big smile on my face until I read that the actor Sam Kelly, who featured in Porridge and Allo’ Allo’, had died. I wasn’t a fan of the shows but Sam went through chemotherapy at the same time as me and we were on nodding terms in Ward 6 at the CX hospital when our treatment schedules co-incided. I guess somebody up there must have thought it was my turn to get the week-end pass. It made me realise I’m a lucky fella in so many ways.


5 thoughts on “O lucky man

  1. HI PP

    Sorry to have been absent from the blog for a while, and good to to have the chance to trawl through and catch up with your trials and tribulations of late.

    Hope life and health continue to thrive for an indecently long time yet, long overdue glass of something cold and alcoholic needs to be scheduled old pal.


    • Hey Hi CC

      We’ve missed you on the blog mate. Hope you’re well and that business is thriving. I saw CS last week and he updated me on his new venture with you. Cool. I’ve had a few issues this last year but all looks good for the moment thanks CC, though best not to count any chickens with this bloody thing. A glass of something cool, crisp and white sounds perfect. If you’re ever in town or down SW London way just give me a shout; would be great to catch up son.

  2. Great post Paul.
    I was at work on Sunday, so kept missing my dad too. He refuses to have a phone, I called him at home about 10 times during the day, but he is always out enjoying himself, which is great.
    I wasn’t a big fan of Allo Allo (although, have great memories of my dad splitting his sides with laughter), but loved Porridge. I have sewn a little bunny onto my current napkin, as the character he played in Porridge was called Bunny Warren (I only just got that!)

    • Hey hi Alison
      That’s two old friends commenting in the same evening. Lovely to hear from you and really nice comments re your dad and Sam Kelly – the rabbit is a lovely touch. I think he may have enjoyed that.

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