Bloody hell

Well I thought last night’s match between Algeria and Germany was good but tonight’s last last-16 thriller between Belgium and USA was just sensational. Most tense match I’ve seen during this brilliant WC. I would have loved USA to do it but it wasn’t to be. And now we have the best 8 teams in the world left to contest the QFs. Oh my lord who’s going to win this super, super tournament? It’s going to be Germany isn’t it…..

Round of golf

Well the title’s my new rhyming slang for a sexual predator. Yep dear old Rolf has been found guilty of 12 charges of assault against young girls and women, with further charges now likely. And this isn’t your Dave Lee Travis pat-your-bum levels of touchiness we’re talking about here. It’s invasive assault on young girls in the most intimate places. One girl, his own daughter’s best friend, was targeted when she was barely in her teens. He’s been grooming young children for years for his own gratification and has lied and lied about his culpability. All that holding of hands for the press with his dutiful and supportive wife and daughter. They couldn’t bear to touch him apparently when the cameras had all been switched off. There’s something about this case which is just dirtier and sicker than the other cases under Operation Yewtree. Saville was simply evil and there was always something weird and nasty about him. Stuart Hall looked like a dirty douche bag and Max Clifford a complete sleazeball creep. But Harris gave off this aura of niceness, child friendly, a bit wacky but a thoroughly decent guy. He did promotional films for christ’s sake advising children and their parents  about the dangers of predatory behaviour and grooming. And the dirty sweaty goat was already abusing kids under the noses of his family and close friends. He’s not just sick he’s a cynical pervert and I hope that the sisters don’t show him too much mercy inside.

Is that the last of these dreadful cases being brought? I bloody hope so.


Little break

Sorry I’ve not been posting much recently. All that WC action and I’ve hardly said a word about it (and wasn’t that a great match last night between unfancied Algeria and ruthlessly bloody effective Germany?). And I’ve been working quite hard on some proposals for some new clients on some meaty website opportunities. Actually I have been blogging but I’ve started a new site to diarise events looking after our youngest grandson, as our daughter, S, has recently returned to work. And C and I are having a ball being very hands-on, very special aged carers. It’s good practice for C for when I turn incapable. I’ve set up the diary as if it was written by our grandson so I can be cheekily rude about his mum and dad, his Nana and most especially his Grandad, who deserves special mentions for being so hopeless at almost everything. I think I’ve found my calling, writing as a 7½ month old. It’s my natural intellectual level ha! It’s a private site so cannot share it with you but it’s got the makings of a good book (and let’s face it a lot more fun than ‘a year on the chemo ward’ or the riotous ‘the day my heart stopped’ or the solemn ‘thinking about the day I was told my Hickman Line was infected and I was getting sepsis’) so one day maybe. I’ll be back to the blog with cutting sarcasm and biting wit ever so shortly.