Bloody roadworks

Now regular readers may recall that when we were living in the apartment overlooking Bushy Park, there was a spell when the road immediately beneath us was dug up in virtually the same spot 4 times in under 6 months. First was the water main repair, then installation of a new gas main, then remedial repairs to the gas main, then the whole road was relaid. Unbelievable. I watched fascinated as these huge diggers and grinders, tarmac layers and rollers came and went, laying tarmac down on exactly the same spot. I thought that was it in terms of my tarmacadam education.

Then this last week the men in high vis jackets and heavy equipment have plonked themselves right outside our apartment tearing the road up, breaking through the concrete with their pile-drivers all whilst my young grandson’s been trying to sleep…






I can’t seem to escape the boys from the black stuff. Bloody, bloody roadworks. Then tonight the big stuff turned up and these were the scenes right outside our bedroom window this time as C was trying to sleep…

















I went and watched them as it was impossible to ignore the commotion and if truth be told I like to watch their skills at producing a beautifully-laid new surface. Just me watching the road gang. Then this bloke came up to me and starting chatting, asking me questions like how much did I think they earned, how long will it take them to finish the stretch, what did I do for a living, who do I write for, who are my favourite authors, what did I think of Oscar Wilde…J K Rowling etc etc. Is it just me who attracts these odddballs? It’s just me and the road gang strangely drawn to each other and my moment of quiet study is interrupted by the late night loner. Sigh. I made my excuses and returned indoors to write this blog.

Now how long do you think it’ll be before they’re back and ripping the black stuff up again? I’ll give it a month.

yosser paulie


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