‘You’re tired!!’


It’s the autumn so it’s back to the interminable tv blockbusters, Strictly and X Factor. Add another to that list – The Apprentice now with 20 candidates wanting a £250,000 Sugar Daddy which means it’ll probably be 2015 before we find out which of the wannabe semi-rich and nearly famous at any price desperate ones gets the final finger. Sigh. I can’t help thinking that this is yet another programme well past its sell-by date. Like Big Brother it started out as an interesting experiment and has just become a sad parody of itself. And the biggest saddo is bloody Sugar himself.   Continue reading


Clarkson – bell end

Ah Clarkson strikes again and the BBC  are flapping around trying to cover up the latest Top Gear farago. This time it’s traipsing around Argentina with some clearly Falklands-celebratory plates on their Porsche. After fanning local antagonism through some cynical publicity they were run out of town (and the country) fearful of their lives according to Clarkson. Oh god how awful. The offending plate was just an unfortunate accident according to the production team.  Umm…

topgear3 falk_3060940c

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tv ads

Well I haven’t posted for a little while  – it’s been a busy spell with us looking after our beautiful youngest grandson and also having a visit from our good friend S over from the States. But there’s been lots happening to comment on; the wonderful Ryder Cup, Milliband’s abject performance at his party conference (and Cameron’s rather good one), the X Factor shambles and Strictly sans Bruce the goat, another war we’ve been dragged into in the Middle East, the dreadful disappearance of  young Alice Gross whose image has been on display all around his area and the seeming cack-handed slowness of the police response, George Clooney getting married quietly, Tesco’s decidedly dodgy accounting and the sad news that Lynda Bellingham who went through the same cancer problem and treatments at the same time as myself appears to be losing her battle with the bloody disease. Sigh. But let’s lighten the mood eh. Two tv ads have caught my eye this last week…

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