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Well I haven’t posted for a little while  – it’s been a busy spell with us looking after our beautiful youngest grandson and also having a visit from our good friend S over from the States. But there’s been lots happening to comment on; the wonderful Ryder Cup, Milliband’s abject performance at his party conference (and Cameron’s rather good one), the X Factor shambles and Strictly sans Bruce the goat, another war we’ve been dragged into in the Middle East, the dreadful disappearance of  young Alice Gross whose image has been on display all around his area and the seeming cack-handed slowness of the police response, George Clooney getting married quietly, Tesco’s decidedly dodgy accounting and the sad news that Lynda Bellingham who went through the same cancer problem and treatments at the same time as myself appears to be losing her battle with the bloody disease. Sigh. But let’s lighten the mood eh. Two tv ads have caught my eye this last week…

First up a really nice commercial for Thomson holidays featuring a teddy bear that gets a bit battered around by his young owner but finds himself taken on their holiday and the smile on his face just grows and grows, mirroring the company’s smiling logo identifier. It’s cleverly shot and edited   and links the sense of happiness to the brand. But what makes the ad such fun is the soundtrack which matches the visual treats to the lyrics (and I know this must sound bloody unlikely if you haven’t seen it) to Bohemian Rhapsody, spoken-sung by someone’s voice I recognised but couldn’t nail at first. I thought it was Garrison Keillor whose rich voice set the tone for the radio series News from Lake Wobegon and latterly the voice behind the Honda ads. Then I realised who it was – William bloody Shatner ha! reprising his never-to-be-forgotten performance of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Ah mocking heaven. But you know what, it works. I’m staggered and hugely impressed by the agency. It’s a great little ad, enjoy…

But great is not a word I’d use to describe the latest series of ads from Barclays.  I’m already pissed off at their shameless ads appealing to footie fans – ‘You are Football’ – Ha! Do they really think we believe they are merely saluting the people who are the heart and soul of the game rather than the reality which is eyeing those 8 million people as potential customers. Just like their let’s-get-the-oldies-to-bank-with-us actions by showing them how to use the computer with their ‘Digital Eagles’ ads.  It’s just so blatant and grim. Now they’ve brought out a series of ads lecturing people on Life Skills. Lessons in how to present yourself. Oh that’s rich coming from a frigging bank. Unbelievable. Here’s the one where they get a young woman to tell us how to look people in the eye. If only their CEO could do the same thing. Watch and squirm…

I guess this is Barclays chasing the young audience now by helping them with tips for their interviews. But what’s next in the series? Hey try not to pick your nose or scratch your balls fellahs, and girls, keep your legs closed if you wear a short skirt. And it’s always a good idea not to fart during the interview and if you do, make light of it by talking about last night’s dodgy kebab.

It’s just so condescending and I hope young people turn away in their droves. I left the bank as a customer in my teens when I discovered the branch manager, who was a friend of my mum and dad, had been discreetly informing them about the state of my accounts (I was living away from home at the time). So much for client confidentiality. It seems that their cynicism is as strong as ever.


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