Clarkson – bell end

Ah Clarkson strikes again and the BBC  are flapping around trying to cover up the latest Top Gear farago. This time it’s traipsing around Argentina with some clearly Falklands-celebratory plates on their Porsche. After fanning local antagonism through some cynical publicity they were run out of town (and the country) fearful of their lives according to Clarkson. Oh god how awful. The offending plate was just an unfortunate accident according to the production team.  Umm…

topgear3 falk_3060940c

Well not according to the bloke they bought it from who’s been told not to reveal the terms of the deal. And they’ve found more plates in the trunk it seems with another completely random set of numbers/letters…


which Clarkson had absolutely no knowledge of nor intention of using to poke further fun at Johnny Foreigner. Of course Jeremy. Perhaps they were the personalised plates that your missus bought for you last Xmas after the last indiscreet photo was published in the press with your tongue down yet another production assistant’s throat.

Look, he’s a hero to many but to me he’s just another public school prick who’s never grown up. I don’t care what he does or what he believes in but I do care that the BBC continue to pander to and protect him after constant derogatory, purile  and frankly embarrassing insults aimed at people who are clearly outside the Chipping Norton set; you know people who are French, American, Mexican, German, Asian (or in fact anyone who is non-English), working class, black or coloured, handicapped, gay, old, not pretty and female, cyclists or caravan owners. It took the  BBC 70 years to ditch Bruce the goat. If the DG happens upon this posting (which I accept is unlikely) can you please do the decent thing and ignore the redneck  audience  and get rid of this twat for once and for all before the next century, please. Come on Tony.



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